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Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident! I was just injured in a car accident and now my primary care physician won’t see me after my car accident. Why won’t they see me and what do I do? At first you may be confused, nervous, scared or even worried about why… Read More »

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Should I Ride My Motorcycle During Florida’s Hurricane Season?

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Living in a warm climate allows motorcyclists to enjoy their bikes year-round, but the more time spent on a motorcycle, the more likely it is possible a crash can occur. Plus, inclement weather can exacerbate risks. For five months of the year, from June through November, Florida is in hurricane season. The height of… Read More »

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How to Move Forward After a Florida Motorcycle Accident

By Hale Law, P.A. |

In Florida, many people ride motorcycles. It makes sense, we enjoy a lot of beautiful days. But there are risks: Motorcycles can crash, and when they do, the injuries can be severe. Some motorcycle accidents even result in fatalities. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you know that there can be large… Read More »

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Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injury Laws in Florida

By Hale Law, P.A. |

The Sunshine State protects its motorcycle riders under Florida motorcycle laws. These laws hold negligent drivers and riders responsible for injuries to innocent motorcyclists. Because Sarasota and Bradenton motorcyclists can file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for their injuries due to another motor vehicle driver’s negligence, all riders should be familiar with… Read More »

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Steps to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Sarasota

By Hale Law, P.A. |

Motorcyclists love to ride their bikes in Sarasota and throughout the sunny state of Florida due to the great weather here and breath-taking views of the ocean. Sarasota is home to Thunder by the Bay, a motorcycle festival which takes place on the Sarasota Fairgrounds, that attracts bikers locally and internationally. To prepare for… Read More »

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