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Bradenton Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The Sunshine State is an excellent place for someone who enjoys riding a motorcycle because of the weather, scenic byways near the water, and motorcycle culture. Unfortunately, Florida is also a deadly state for motorcyclists. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration, Florida had 504 motorcycle fatalities in 2017, which was the highest number of motorcyclist deaths out of any state across the country that year. At Hale Law, our Bradenton motorcycle accident attorneys understand the draw to the open road and when our clients are involved in crashes caused by another motorist’s negligence, we work diligently to make sure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Injuries Commonly Seen with Motorcycle Crashes

Unlike drivers and passengers in cars, motorcyclists do not have the luxury of being in an enclosed vehicle with windows, advanced airbags, and seatbelts to contain them in the event of a collision. As a result, motorcyclists face more severe injuries on the road. Common injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Deep lacerations;
  • Internal bleeding and bruising;
  • Engine burns from being trapped under the motorcycle;
  • Fractured bones;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Road rash and degloving;
  • Facial damage; and
  • More.

Ways to Stay Protected While Riding a Motorcycle

According to Florida Statute 316.211, any motorcyclist over the age of 21 may opt not to wear a helmet in Florida as long as they carry a medical benefits policy that covers motorcycle injuries that is at least $10,000. In addition to wearing a helmet and ensuring you have insurance coverage that you feel comfortable with, there are new technologies both with motorcycles themselves and with equipment. For instance, there are now jackets and vests that act as airbags in the event of a crash.

Proving Fault in a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcyclists can do everything correct, from taking safety courses and driving defensively to being fully equipped with protective gear, and an inattentive or aggressive driver can still cause a collision that leaves the motorcyclist with severe injuries. Since motorcyclists take up less room, some drivers who are not giving their full attention to the road will try to merge lanes into a motorcyclist’s path, turn left in front of them, or fail to properly judge their speed and read-end them. Other times, an aggressive driver will intentionally block motorcyclists into a dangerous situation. Some law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and juries have a bias against motorcyclists, viewing them as reckless on the roads. This is why it is critical to seek legal counsel if you have been hit.

Contact an Experienced Bradenton Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one was taken out while riding a motorcycle by a driver who failed to pay attention or follow the rules of the road, you deserve to seek compensation for the injuries sustained. A skilled Bradenton motorcycle accident attorney at Hale Law can assist you in proving liability, documenting damages, negotiating with the insurance companies, and more. Contact our offices today at 941-735-4529 to learn more. We offer free consultations for potential clients.

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