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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

According to Florida Health, the state’s unintentional injury-related fatality rate was 10.58 percent higher than the country’s average. Unintentional injuries include falls, motor vehicle accidents, drownings, firearms, and more. In many of the cases it is someone’s negligence that led to the injuries. Had a liable party been following the law, such as abiding by traffic signals in a motor vehicle crash or having the proper safety protections around a residential pool, the injuries would never have occurred. Victims have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Our qualified Tampa personal injury attorneys represent victims in the following types of personal injury cases:

Who is Liable For Your Injuries?

One of the first steps in a personal injury case is to find out who is liable for your injuries because then you know who to seek compensation from. Sometimes, determining who was negligent requires an in-depth investigation. Other times, you may already know who caused your injuries but you will still have to prove it because the insurance companies will do their best to place the blame back on to you. A skilled personal injury attorney will work with witnesses, law enforcement, investigators, and experts to ensure that your claim is indisputable by the liable party’s insurance company.

Florida is a Comparative Negligence State

According to Claims Journal, Florida is one of 13 states that recognizes the pure comparative fault rule. This rule allows a victim to seek compensation even if they are 99 percent at-fault for their own injuries, although the amount that is recoverable is adjusted based on how at-fault they were. Often, there are multiple parties involved in an accident and no one individual is completely at fault. For instance, in a car crash one driver may have failed to stop at the stop sign but the driver of the vehicle that they hit was speeding 10 mph over the speed limit. Both parties have some responsibility in the crash, although to what degree may be argued. It is critical that you work with an attorney in a personal injury case in Florida so they can help you prove you were not even the smallest degree at-fault, otherwise you risk not being able to recover 100 percent of the damages. 

Contact the Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys at Hale Law.

From the moment we take your case until it is settled, we will work diligently to protect your legal rights. Insurance companies can be brutal towards victims in an attempt to reduce the amount of compensation offered, but we will present solid evidence to back up your claim and advocate on your behalf so that you receive the justice you deserve. Contact the Tampa personal injury attorneys of Hale Law at 941-735-4529 for a free consultation.

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