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Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Florida is a distant second to California as the state with the most motorcycles, but the Sunshine State is a clear leader when it comes to being the state with the most motorcycle accident deaths. In 2017, the state of Florida saw nearly 10,000 motorcycle accidents, tragically resulting in almost 8,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths. Although a common misconception exists of motorcycle riders as aggressive or reckless drivers, research shows it’s the driver of the other vehicle that is at fault in the great majority of motorcycle accidents.

How do motorcycle accident victims overcome this bias against them and recover the amount of compensation they are due from a negligent driver after a crash? Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney Patrick M. Hale has the skills, experience and dedication needed to hold negligent drivers accountable and recover a full amount of compensation for motorcycle accident victims who suffered a serious personal injury. Learn more below about motorcycle accident causes and how to prevent them, and contact Hale Law after a serious motorcycle crash in Sarasota or Bradenton.

What causes motorcycle accidents in Sarasota and Bradenton?

Since motorcycles only make up about three percent of the registered vehicles in the state, they are much less commonly seen on the roads compared to cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, commercial trucks and other vehicles. Drivers don’t expect to see motorcycles on the road, and it’s been shown that often drivers don’t see the motorcycle before the accident occurs, or they only notice the motorcycle before it is too late to avoid a collision.

Because drivers don’t see motorcycles on the road and don’t expect to see them, drivers often don’t account for the possible presence of motorcycles before they make a turn, lane change or other maneuvers. Motorcycle accidents occur most frequently when drivers violate the riders’ right-of-way. This happens most often at intersections and commonly involves the driver running a stop sign or red light. The most common reason among all motorcycle accidents is the driver executing a left turn into the oncoming path of a motorcycle. Either the driver doesn’t see the motorcycle, or the driver misjudges the speed and/or distance of the oncoming bike.

What can motorcycle riders do to avoid motorcycle accidents?

Since so many accidents occur because drivers are not aware of motorcycles in their midst, riding more visibly can be key to avoiding a collision with another driver. Ways to do this include using headlamps during the day and wearing brighter or more visible clothing. Defensive riding, including riding predictably and using signals well in advance of lane changes or turns, can also help prevent collisions. Of course, riding soberly, safely and legally are all important to prevent being the cause of motorcycle accidents, where riders almost always fare worse than other drivers. Finally, in the event you are in an accident, wearing a DOT-certified helmet and protective clothing can help avoid the most serious injuries in some crashes.

Sometimes, all your care and attention can’t keep you from becoming the victim of a negligent or distracted driver. In those situations, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain proper medical care and pursue compensation for all of the harm done to you.

Motorcycle Riders Need Hale Law after a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident

Drivers are well-protected inside their automobiles, and new safety features come out every year for passenger vehicles. Motorcycle riders, unfortunately, continue to have little protection in the event of a crash and are many times more likely to be injured or killed in a collision than the driver of the other vehicle. Motorcycle riders make up three percent of the drivers in Florida and 20% of traffic accident fatalities.

Motorcycle riders also don’t have the benefit of Personal Injury Protection and no-fault insurance in Florida like automobile drivers do. That means that in the event of a crash, injured motorcyclists may have to sue the other driver to recover compensation for their claim, overcoming the bias against motorcycles held by insurance companies and many jury members in the process. Having an experienced, aggressive and successful motorcycle accident attorney can be key to getting the best result on your claim.

For help after a motorcycle accident in Sarasota or Bradenton, call Hale Law at 941-735-4529 for a free consultation with an experienced and tenacious Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney. There’s no fee until after we recover for you. At Hale Law we also have a dedicated truck accident lawyer in Sarasota FL who can help if you’ve been injured in a truck accident.

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