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Sarasota Rollover Injury Attorney

If you were in a rollover collision, there is almost no possibility that you remained uninjured, as rollovers are the most dangerous type of collision to be in. Rollovers often result in traumatic, life-changing injuries that leave victims suffering in hospital rooms for days and weeks, and managing chronic pain and disability for the remainder of their lives. As such, it is vital that you are heavily compensated for your damages, including medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost earning ability, and much more. To get started today, call the Sarasota rollover injury attorneys with Hale Law

Rollover Statistics

While rollovers are relatively rare (they only make up 2.1 percent of all passenger vehicle collisions), they account for 35 percent of fatal passenger vehicle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Around 8,000 people die in rollover crashes each year.

How a Rollover Occurs

According to Consumer Reports, rollovers happen when:

  • The driver swerves (potentially to avoid another vehicle) or goes around a corner quickly and the lateral forces change the center of gravity;
  • The driver makes a sudden swerve in the opposite direction to overcorrect, which increases the lateral force and further shifts the center of gravity; and
  • The driver overcorrects again, making the problem worse. These series of swings can eventually lead to a rollover, and are made worse when the vehicle is towing a trailer.

However, 95 percent of rollovers also require a “trip,” which is anything that catches the vehicle’s wheel while the vehicle is off balance. Trips include curbs, soft shoulders, potholes, other vehicles, and fixed objects such as signs, fire hydrants, or sidewalks.

Additional risk factors for rollovers include:

  • Driving an SUV, van, pickup truck, or other tall vehicle with a high center of gravity;
  • Driving a van, RV, or other vehicle with a high center of gravity and a narrow wheel base;
  • Driving a vehicle that is towing a trailer or another vehicle;
  • Overloading a vehicle and shifting the center of gravity upwards;
  • Having old tires that, when in the middle of a swerving pendulum overcorrection, deform and cause the wheel rim to strike the pavement; and
  • Overcorrecting the steering wheel.

Single Vehicle Rollover or Multiple Car Collision Resulting in a Rollover

Whether you were in a single vehicle collision or a multiple car collision, you may not be at fault. For example, if you swerved to avoid a car pulling out in front of you and rolled over without striking that car, you can still hold that driver responsible. Similarly, if another vehicle hit you and caused your vehicle to rollover, that other driver is negligent, and liable for your damages.

A Sarasota Rollover Attorney Can Help

Proving negligence can be difficult in rollover collisions due to the displacement of the original positions of each vehicle, the extensive damage to each vehicle, and the general disorientation that a rollover causes—sometimes the victim does not remember what happened or who caused the crash. To speak to an attorney about your options for compensation, call the Sarasota rollover attorneys at Hale Law today at 941-735-4529 to schedule a free consultation.

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