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Port Charlotte Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The state of Florida is second in the nation among states with the greatest number of motorcycle registrations, with more than half a million bikers enjoying the freedom of the open road.  The Port Charlotte motorcycle accident attorneys at Hale Lawunderstand the unique aspects of motorcycle accident cases and the serious compensation accident victims may need when faced with catastrophic injuries or worse. Learn about how we help motorcycle accident victims recover compensation from negligent drivers, and contact our office for a free consultation if you have been hurt in a crash.

Injury Characteristics of a Motorcycle Crash

When motorcyclists are struck by other vehicles, forced off the road, or forced to take evasive action that results in a crash, the motorcyclist is usually the only part injured. Motorcyclists of course do not have the protection that an enclosed vehicle has, which is why the vulnerability of motorcyclists generally make them safer road users than drivers. This makes it all the more unfair when a collision occurs.  A moderate injury may be multiple broken bones, whiplash, a traumatic brain injury, and heavy road rash. A severe injury is life threatening, and may involve a serious traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, amputation, and disability. Other common injuries that motorcyclists often face include:

  • Internal organ injuries;
  • Lacerations from glass, metal, and road infrastructure;
  • Deep contusions;
  • Fractured ribs;
  • Thoracic spine injuries;
  • Facial damage, particularly to the teeth, mouth, and cheek bones;
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement; and
  • Compound fractures.

Florida Motorcycle Facts and Statistics

Motorcycle riders are categorized as “vulnerable road users” along with pedestrians and bicyclists in the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 2016 Traffic Crash Facts. This report shows 10,331 motorcycle accidents in Florida in 2016, resulting in 8,256 injuries and 515 fatalities. That means that a motorcycle accident ended in injury or death to a rider in 85% of the crashes. Compare this figure to total motor vehicle accidents, which resulted in injury or death only 43% of the time.

Motorcycle riders are simply much more vulnerable and prone to serious injury or death than occupants of a passenger vehicle. Passenger cars are made safer every year, yet motorcyclists still remain nearly fully exposed to serious injury in a collision. Although cars are continually made safer for their occupants, the rate of car accidents has actually increased in recent years, which many traffic safety experts attribute to increased cell phone use and distracted driving. Distracted driving takes the highest toll on bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists, as they are less visible and more easily missed by a distracted driver.

In addition to distracted driving, motorcyclists face other dangers from drivers who misjudge an oncoming motorcyclist’s speed and turn left into the bike’s path, or drivers who intentionally drive aggressively around motorcycles and crowd them out of their lane. Simple negligence such as failing to signal or check blind spots before turning or changing lanes can be equally disastrous.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Victims Face an Uphill Climb

From the very start, motorcycle accident victims are at a disadvantage compared to car accident victims. Florida’s no-fault PIP coverage does not cover motorcyclists as it does vehicle drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Also, insurance companies and juries often have a built-in bias against motorcycle riders as dangerous or reckless drivers that must be overcome to achieve a fair settlement or significant jury verdict. The attorneys at Hale Law know how to successfully prepare and present a motorcycle accident case that proves the other driver’s negligence and justifies a full and fair amount of compensation for the injured victim.

Knowledgeable Port Charlotte Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

After a serious motorcycle accident in Port Charlotte, call Hale Lawfor a free consultation with an experienced Port Charlotte motorcycle accident attorney.

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