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Hale Law: Our Story


As a community, we will get through this together. At Hale Law, we are still fighting for you. The insurance companies know who we are and so should you. If you’re injured in an accident, tell the insurance companies, you’re going to Hale. Go to to help our community by supporting local businesses. We are Suncoast Strong.

We in the Suncoast community are staying strong during this pandemic. Hale Law is proud to be a part of the #SUNCOASTSTRONG movement started by ABC7-WWSB. The movement consists of businesses that have adapted to our current conditions, changing the way they do business to better serve you and keep everyone safe and healthy.

Hale Law is proud to have adapted to our current climate in still being able to provide aggressive and responsive representation for accident victims across the Suncoast area. Hale Law has been working entirely remote before statewide restrictions were mandated on businesses because we care. We are still available 24/7 for free consultation.

“Through adversity, we grow stronger and we move forward, because that’s who we are.” Visit for more information. Remember to support your local businesses.”


Patrick Iyampillai – Overview

Why did I choose law? When I was in kindergarten, I saw someone get messed around with on the playground and I didn’t like that. I went right up to them and I told them to back off. And ever since then, I knew I liked being an advocate. It was natural for me. I like to call out what I see is wrong. And so as a plaintiff personal injury attorney, when someone’s getting messed around with by the insurance companies, I don’t like it and I like to represent them for that reason. Here’s how Hale Law started. My best friend from law school, Patrick Hale, started this law firm and focused on people instead of just a case number instead of just, you know, trying to get as much business as possible and concentrated on those people who needed help the most. When you’re injured, you need someone looking out for you. I’m not talking about some big fancy law firm that treats you like a case number and never actually takes your calls. You need someone who is knowing you as a human being hurt. You need attention. You need someone to talk to. You need someone fighting for you. And that’s why we’re here. We’re here to put people first, not profits.


They Will Use The Words Against You

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you need to call immediately. The insurance companies are on top of it. They’re going to be contacting you. They’re going to try to get a recorded statement from you. Do not do it. Call an attorney. We should be present during any communication with the insurance company. It’s important because they’ll use your words against you, no matter if you’re at fault or not. They will try to twist and turn and make it look like you are at fault. Do not accept any offers from the insurance company without consulting an attorney. A lot of times these insurance companies try to get ahold of you before you have an attorney. And they’ll just lowball you. It may sound good, take a couple thousand dollars and sign a release. Never sign a release. Make sure you’re with an attorney before you make any decisions. And also, make sure you seek medical treatment. If you need help with that, we can help you with that as well. But it’s very important that you see a medical doctor within 14 days. That’s the law in Florida. And make sure you have an attorney that can protect you and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

It’s All About The People

What Does Full Coverage Mean

People ask me what is full coverage mean in Florida? Well, it doesn’t mean a lot. It covers $10,000 worth of property damage if you damage someone else’s vehicle, and then it covers the first $10,000 of your medical bills at 80 percent. So then I get the question, What do I do if I’m seriously injured? Well, at Hale Law, we know where to find the coverage. We look to the at-fault driver’s insurance. We look to the owner of the vehicle’s insurance, and they may be working at the time. There may be a business policy that we can go after. If they don’t have any insurance or enough coverage, then we look to your insurance. You may have purchased uninsured motorist coverage, and all these different coverages can make sure that there is enough money to cover your damages. At Hale Law, we will make sure we leave no stone unturned and we will find the coverage for you.

Why We Fight

I get calls from potential clients all the time, and they tell me that they have medical bills and they don’t know how their bills are going to be paid for, and as I talk to them, I find out the other person’s at fault. Clear liability and the crash report says it, and we know the other person’s at fault. And after all that, I find out they’ve already settled their case. They’ve already accepted money from the insurance company because insurance companies have adjusters who are calling up all the time asking people; will you take one thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, three thousand dollars when they know that you went to the hospital. They know that you’re going to have future medical bills. They know that, but they don’t care. We do. And if you go to us first, we’re going to make sure we get you every single penny that you deserve.

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