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West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorney

When a person dies in an unintentional accident caused by another negligent party, they lose their life too soon. Family members are left to grieve and pick up the pieces in the midst of the tragedy. Certain family members are allowed by Florida law to file wrongful death claims. Compensation from a wrongful death claim will help family members financially by covering expenses such as medical bills and may provide a small sense of justice being served. The West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys at Hale Law have the compassion and expertise to handle wrongful death claims for the victim’s loved ones.

Common Accidents that Lead to Wrongful Death

In 2019, nearly 39,000 people were killed in traffic fatalities, according to the National Safety Council. Accidental poisoning and trip and falls are two other major forms of unintentional deaths, though medical errors lead to roughly a quarter million deaths annually according to one study, as reported by CNBC News. Here at Hale Law, our wrongful death attorneys handle all of the following types of wrongful death claims:

  • Car collisions;
  • Truck collisions;
  • Bicycle collisions;
  • Pedestrian collisions;
  • Motorcycle collisions;
  • Boating accidents;
  • Nursing home neglect;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Defective products;
  • Defective drugs and defective medical devices;
  • Premises liability, including:
    • Electrocution;
    • Drowning;
    • Dog bites and exotic animal attacks;
    • Slip and Fall;
    • Trampoline accidents; and
    • Burns.

Damages You Can Seek Compensation For in a Wrongful Death Claim

Depending on the circumstances that lead to the wrongful death, surviving family members can seek compensation for damages. If a family member paid for medical bills up until the time of death or was responsible for the funeral and burial costs, they can be compensated for those expenses. Other damages that can be compensated for through a wrongful death claim include:

  • Pain and suffering of the deceased;
  • Lost lifetime wages of the deceased from the date of injury;
  • Loss of consortium (companionship and protection of a spouse, and/or loss of companionship, guidance, and instruction of a parent);
  • Loss of services;
  • Loss of support; and
  • Mental pain and suffering of the survivors caused by the death of their loved one.

Who Can Be Compensated in a Wrongful Death Claim?

It is possible for more than one party to recover damages in a wrongful death claim, although certain parties will only be eligible for particular damages. Florida law allows the following survivors to file a wrongful death claim:

  • Spouse;
  • Parent;
  • Child; or
  • Dependent blood relative.

Contact The West Palm Beach Wrongful Death Attorneys at Hale Law

We got about daily life thinking that our loved ones will be there for us at the end of each night. Unfortunately, another’s negligent behavior, such as texting while driving or a company trying to sell a cheap yet harmful product,  can easily cause an accident so horrific that it results in loss of life for a close family member. If your loved one has passed away due to another party’s negligence or wrongful act, you may be able to seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. To learn more, contact the West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys at Hale Law at 941-735-4529. We will learn more about your particular case by scheduling a no-cost consultation.

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