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Your Local Ride Share Accident Injury Attorney in Florida

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a driver working for Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing company, it is important that you take legal action right away after your crash to protect your rights. We Are Committed to Getting You the Highest Recovery After being injured in a Ride Share Car Accident: Call 561-286-4876

You deserve to be compensated well for your expenses after a car accident. Whether for you or your loved one, you have the right to fight and be heard and you need a legal team that takes your health and your claim seriously.

Hale Law approaches each case with the utmost courage, empathy, and honesty to hold the insurance companies and accountable parties responsible. Dedicated to assisting you in getting back on your feet and making our neighborhoods safer for everybody, we strive to be your neighborhood lawyer. We strive to win your case, and there are no fees owed unless we prevail!

For a free consultation, contact our office right away. Call us at 561-286-4876 or email us now.

We are aware that large insurance firms frequently take advantage of customers by making unfair offers, delaying claims, and refusing to provide fair and prompt reimbursement in other ways. We see to it that our clients will get only the right kind of services and compensation from their insurance companies. Fair compensation is all our car accident lawyers pursue.

In order to guarantee the best outcomes, we offer aggressive representation, which entails having the necessary resources to effectively take on the major insurance providers. Our staff consists of attorneys with extensive expertise in working cases involving insurance companies. We are also packed with teams of professionals who have handled claims for large insurance companies. We are here for you whenever you require a reputable legal team.

As soon as you decide to hire our firm, you will be working with a legal team that recognizes the seriousness of your position and the value of your long-term well-being. As your legal team, we are serious about our responsibility to you, and we make every effort to defend your rights and keep you fully informed at every stage of the process.