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Tampa T-Bone Collision Attorney

T-bone collisions occur when one vehicle impacts another vehicle or vulnerable road user at a 90-degree angle. Also known as side impact crashes, they often result in severe injuries to occupants in both vehicles. Even when a t-bone collision occurs in a parking lot or at low speeds, it is common to see broken windows, deployed airbags, and injuries. If you are the victim in a t-bone collision, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Hale Law can assist you in recovering compensation to cover the damages you sustained.


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 5,350 vehicle occupants died in 2018 as a result from side impact crashes across the United States. The fatality rates are higher for car occupants compared to SUV or truck occupants because of the difference in the vehicle’s heights and weights. While occupants in larger vehicles tend to fare better in traffic collisions, other factors influencing how severe a t-bone collision will be include:

  • The speed of both vehicles at the time of impact;

  • The safety features on each car such as front and side airbags;

  • The angle of impact; and

  • Any other obstructions that the vehicles may hit.

According to the StudentEdge.org, side impact crashes often result in injuries to the thorax and upper body. Rib fractures are common and depending on the height of the other vehicle’s bumper, pelvic fractures are a possible outcome. A car door is not very thick and if there are no side airbags, it leaves the vehicle’s occupants rather unprotected from injury. The impact occurs near the rear of the car, rear-seat passengers are at significant risk of injury because they often lack the same safety features as provided for the front-seat occupants.


T-bone collisions frequently happen because one driver fails to abide by the rules of the road and does not give the right of way to another road user. Some scenarios that lead to side impact crashes include:

  • A driver fails to stop at a stop sign or red light;

  • A driver fails to yield or stop before pulling out into traffic from a secondary street;

  • A driver speeds through a parking area while others are trying to safely back out of a parking spot;

  • A driver pulls out from a parking spot without looking and hits someone behind them;

  • A driver makes a left turn across the oncoming lane of traffic without considering the speed of oncoming vehicles; and

  • More.


It is often not easy to distinguish which party is liable immediately after a t-bone collision, which is why it is important that you seek legal representation early. The Tampa t-bone collision attorneys at Hale Law know how to collect crash scene evidence to prove the other party is liable and will compile all of the necessary documentation to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 561-286-4876 to learn how we can assist you in filing a personal injury claim.