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Should I Ride My Motorcycle During Florida’s Hurricane Season?

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Living in a warm climate allows motorcyclists to enjoy their bikes year-round, but the more time spent on a motorcycle, the more likely it is possible a crash can occur. Plus, inclement weather can exacerbate risks. For five months of the year, from June through November, Florida is in hurricane season. The height of storm activity is in August and September, but there are motorcyclists who, with added precautions, ride throughout summer and autumn.

It pays to keep safety in mind. If there is an accident, all injuries should be tended to by a medical professional right away. Then, talk to a Sarasota personal injury lawyer.

Precautions to Take In Wet Weather

Riding a motorcycle in rainy, stormy weather can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Be sure to check local weather before riding. A way to help mitigate risk and stay focused on the road is to wear rain gear. Some find it helpful to always have rain gear along in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

Even when riding in a rain suit, it is important to pay attention and be ready for changes when roads are wet and slippery. Take your time and drive slow. There is the possibility of hydroplaning; this is when the tires slide uncontrollably on the wet surface of a road. If you are riding and feel the bike hydroplaning, lighten up on your speed to maintain control.

Due to the possibility of added risks, some motorcyclists stick to familiar roads during Florida hurricane season. Then, if there are storms, a rider can focus on safe driving in wet conditions without having the added stress of unfamiliar turns and twists.

Some Choose to Store Their Bike

Because Florida has beautiful weather throughout the year, some choose to simply ride when it is not hurricane season. In those instances, sometimes the best bet is to store a motorcycle during the storms and take it out in drier weather.

Things to keep in mind when storing your motorcycle include the following:

  • Avoid water. If you have had flooding in your garage during storm season, elevate your motorcycle so it can avoid water damage.
  • Wrap the bike. Wrapping a bike or covering it shields it from dust and debris that can harm it. Plus, if there is a lot of activity in the garage, scratches can be avoided when a motorcycle is covered.
  • Cover exhaust sites. For an added layer of protection from humidity and water, cover air and exhaust regions.

If you love riding a motorcycle during sunny Florida days, enjoy your rides, but take steps to stay safe, too. Think ahead of storm season and avoid the motorcycle crashes that can occur during hurricane season. After a weather-related crash, seek medical attention and discuss your situation with a Sarasota personal injury lawyer.

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