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Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident

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Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident!

I was just injured in a car accident and now my primary care physician won’t see me after my car accident. Why won’t they see me and what do I do?

At first you may be confused, nervous, scared or even worried about why the doctor you have gone to for years will not see you after your car crash. First things first, do not worry. This is very common, and most doctors have several reasons why they will not see you after an auto accident. 

Why Will They Not See Me?

Accident injuries can be more complex and different from common injuries. This is primarily because they mostly involve forceful impacts that are abnormal compared to your normal body movement. Common auto related injuries can include neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and both lower and upper back pain, all of which an auto injury doctor is specialized to help identify and treat.

Some primary care physicians do not see patients after a car crash because they are not accustomed to dealing with auto related injuries. Rather, family doctors mostly handle the more common types of injuries and illnesses that you see daily. Due to this, many primary care physicians will send you to an auto accident specialist who is more familiar with the specific types of auto related injuries. 

Additionally, many primary care doctors do not like dealing with both health insurance and auto insurance companies because it makes their work more complicated. First, billing can become very troublesome with the insurance companies. It is also complicated for them with current Florida law as well. Some doctors may not want to be involved with claims and lawsuits that can arise after a motor vehicle accident too. For example, some doctors do not want to get subpoenaed, attend depositions, or deal with any other legal issues that takes time away from their job as a doctor.

Next Steps for Treatment?

Now that you understand some of the reasons why your doctor will not see you for an auto accident, you must begin the next steps to get the medical treatment and help you need. There are several different options for what to do next. You may seek other medical doctors or medical facilities, but you can also talk to a personal injury attorney. You may be wondering, “What option is best for me in my situation?” Talking with an experienced personal injury attorney is a great first decision because personal injury attorneys know which doctors will accept auto insurance and treat your auto accident injuries.


Here at Hale Law, we have experienced accident attorneys who care. Our accident attorneys want Hale Law clients to focus on the most important thing after a car crash, their health, and not have to worry about the insurance companies. We do this by making sure people can find medical doctors that treat auto injuries and taking over all of the calls and paperwork from the insurance companies. So, remember, if an insurance company calls you, tell them “you’re going to Hale,” and give us a call for a free consultation anytime at 941-735-4529. We only get paid in the end if you do.

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