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What to Do When a Manufacturer Defect Causes a Car Accident

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When people think of liability after a Florida car accident, they often talk about who was the at-fault driver. While human mistakes and distracted driving can cause car accidents, sometimes an automobile manufacturer defect causes accidents and accident injuries. There are even instances when the car manufacturer moved forward with production even though there was a design defect.

Many know that car manufacturers discover mistakes in their products when the cars have already been made, sold, and are being driven around our communities. In fact, many have experienced auto recalls and have received notice of them by mail, e-mail, phone call, or TV. The notice will inform on how to address the problem and how to resolve any issues without cost. Sometimes it will even list the dangers of driving the automobile with the defect.

If you have been in a car accident in Sarasota or in another Florida location, discuss your situation with a Sarasota car accident lawyer to determine if manufacturer liability played a role in your accident.

Who Is Liable When There Is a Vehicle Defect?

If a mistake in production was the cause of a motorcycle, truck, or car accident, that defect will have to be proven for the car manufacturer and/or dealership to be held liable. There are many ways injuries can occur if vehicles are not made to design safety standards. This could happen if an airbag that should not have deployed did, for example. That airbag defect could have resulted in scrapes, burns, and fractures.

Liability may be attributed to the following:

  • Auto, truck, or motorcycle manufacturers
  • Manufacturers who produce parts for vehicles
  • Supply stores who stock and create parts
  • Auto, truck, or motorcycle dealerships

Labels, Designs, and Warnings

There are also situations when the manufacturer was not at fault because the safety issue with the vehicle is actually in its design. What needs to be proved in these instances is that the vehicle produced was unreasonably dangerous. An experienced car accident attorney will move forward in connecting the injuries with the defect, illustrate how it was unreasonably dangerous to move to the manufacturing process, and how that led to harm.

A Sarasota car accident lawyer can also help when a product liability claim points to issues with labels and warnings. Failure to warn comes into play when a risk exists that is known but is not shared with the public successfully.

With so many variables it is clear that product liability can be complicated. One of the first things to discern is if the issue is due to failure to warn, a manufacturing defect, or a design mistake. Lawyers and their teams are able to walk their clients through the process and secure a compensation amount that is fair.

Unleash Hale and Move Forward with Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Were you injured in an accident due to car defect? Are you seeking help with your product liability claim? The knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyers at Hale Law know how to secure the compensation you deserve from your product liability case. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. You deserve legal representation. Call 941-735-4529 for your free consultation.

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