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What Is My Pain and Suffering Worth?

You can qualify for numerous types of damages should you file a lawsuit following a personal injury. There are usually non-monetary costs of pain and misery evaluated by insurance providers using particular metrics. Sadly, insurance firms do not always want to pay accident victims appropriately. It is no wonder many crash victims hire an injury lawyer to represent them. Our personal injury attorneys at Hale Law can help you estimate the entire amount of your suffering, that is, pain and misery, plus any other additional damages when you schedule an initial consultation with us.

Suffering and Pain: What Does It Mean?

The term “pain and suffering” focuses on the psychological and physical effects a victim faces following an incident; they may include:

  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Emotional anguish
  • Distress
  • Physical discomfort

Victims suffering from personal injuries are entitled to seek reimbursement for the various losses they incurred. Regardless, suffering and pain can be hard to measure since they are not tied to financial losses, such as healthcare bills or lost income.

The tangible substantiation of pain and misery is usually sought after by insurance adjusters. Proof may include documentation that shows you’re receiving ongoing medical attention, that you’ve mentioned discomfort in your conversations with physicians, and photos or written entries documenting the development of your wounds or injuries.

How Insurers Establish The Value Of Pain And Suffering

There’s usually no set formula when determining compensation for your pain and suffering. Insurers award compensation that they deem suitable, assuming they were in a similar situation. Insurance providers can utilize the following tactics to estimate the extent of damages:

The Multiplier Approach

The multiplier approach involves multiplying a parameter by the degree of financial losses, such as medical bills, destruction of property, or lost earnings. The parameters can be anything ranging from 1.5 to five.

For instance, assuming an individual incurred $100,000 financial losses and the parameter was 1.5, their pain and misery compensation would amount to $50,000. If the variable is five in a similar scenario, the victim’s pain and suffering compensation will become $500,000.

Various factors influence the parameter, such as:

  • The nature of the damage
  • The severity of the damage
  • Chance of a complete recovery from the injuries you sustain
  • How a victim’s injury influences their day-to-day existence
  • The proportion of guilt assigned to the accountable party

The Per Diem Technique

The per diem technique calculates daily fees for every complainant who suffered from injuries based on daily rates. For instance, pain and suffering claims would amount to $15,000 should a personal injury victim endure pain for 30 days at a daily rate of $500. Whenever the duration for pain and misery is prolonged, or the level of pain is higher, insurers assign greater values.

However, since the cost of long-term damages can be quite expensive, insurance firms frequently choose not to adopt this strategy. They aim at ensuring they pay the lowest quantity of compensation feasible.

The Hybrid Calculation Technique

Sometimes, insurance companies combine these procedures before making adjustments based on an incident’s circumstances. Insurance adjusters can, for instance, apply rates for pain and suffering, then multiply the monetary costs by a tiny factor.

However, insurance providers don’t necessarily have to use these procedures when calculating pain and suffering. Certain insurance providers utilize specialized software applications to calculate settlement values depending on the total financial losses, the form of health care obtained by the complainant, and the total past payouts and court rulings involving comparable elements.

Combining All Methods For A Proper Compensation

Start with the above approaches, and modify your demand. These calculations can get you dramatically different figures. Begin with the higher edge of your compensation limit for major incidents, and understand that if your case has unclear culpability, you may get a smaller compensation. Every situation is different, but the general concept is to begin with a justifiable figure that would work in a demand letter.

The Proof Of Pain In Your Treatment Records

With general injuries and hospital care, it’s critical to communicate all your problems with health care providers as thoroughly as possible. Ensure that you report any pain and discomfort you’re experiencing. Insurance adjusters will frequently consider your complaint of pain and suffering as factual, assuming it’s documented by your physician and qualifies as a portion of your health records. However, they can challenge your pain and suffering report, assuming you made all the injury claims yourself. Our attorneys can assist you in presenting the strongest case possible based on the available pieces of evidence.

You should contact our competent personal injury lawyers to help you navigate or negotiate your pain and suffering claims. Understanding that seeking compensation for your injuries by yourself implies that you risk anchoring the pain and misery discussion around a certain number, which makes it complex for a lawyer to later come in and break free from to negotiate an appropriate pain and misery sum.

It’s hard to put a monetary value on pain and misery. You should engage a personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights with experience and knowledge. Here at Hale Law, we have a team of competent lawyers who can advocate for greater compensation for your personal injury claim and fiercely bargain for a reasonable settlement. Your initial complimentary consultation will evaluate your settlement value. You do not owe us anything until we win an award on your behalf. If you have suffered from personal injuries, schedule an appointment with us to begin pursuing your claim. While at it, ensure that you ask us as many questions as you can. We’ll not hesitate to address all of your concerns and, if need be, engage other professionals to assess the extent of your injuries and represent you in court. Better yet, visit to learn more about our services.

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