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Venice Soft Tissue Injury Attorney

It is often easy for those who have been involved in a car accident to initially ignore signs of bruising or muscle stiffness. These types of symptoms, however, shouldn’t be overlooked, as they often represent serious soft tissue injuries, such as strained muscles or torn ligaments. While they may not be as devastating as other kinds of injuries, soft tissue injuries can still take their toll on victims, who often suffer for months with the pain and limited mobility caused by their injuries. Fortunately, car accident victims can still recover compensation for these types of injuries, so if you were recently injured in a car crash, you should speak with an experienced Venice soft tissue injury attorney regardless of who was at fault for the collision.


The muscles, tendons, and ligaments, like any other part of the body, are susceptible to injury in serious accidents, which can have important repercussions, as these tissues are largely responsible for our ability to move. When an external force impacts these parts of the body, the resulting acute trauma can have severe consequences, including:

  • Sprains, which occur when a person’s ligament is partially torn, usually in the wrists, knees, or ankles;
  • Strains, which occur when the tendons or muscles are overly stretched or torn;
  • Contusions, which involve the coagulation of blood in the tissue in the injured area, causing pain, discoloration, and swelling;
  • Serious lacerations, in which the layers of soft tissue under the skin are exposed; and
  • Herniated discs, which involve the inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs between the bones and muscles, usually after compression.

Besides being painful, soft tissue injuries are notorious for taking a long time to heal, making it especially important for those who sustain this type of injury in a car accident, to speak with an attorney about recovering compensation not only for medical bills, but also for lost wages and pain and suffering.


Soft tissue injuries are categorized according to severity. Grade one soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and minor tears, for example, are considered the most mild type of soft tissue injury. Grade two soft tissue injuries, on the other hand, include more moderate injuries, such as joint or ligament tears of up to 50 percent. Grade three soft tissue injuries are severe, usually involving a complete tearing or straining of the ligament or joint in question, while Grade four soft tissue injuries occur when a ligament is completely torn away from a person’s bone. Ultimately, how a soft tissue injury is treated will depend on how it is graded. Grade one injuries, for example, are usually treatable at home with ice and rest, while Grade three and four injuries almost always require surgery, as well as physical therapy.


Just because you didn’t sustain a catastrophic injury in your accident, does not mean that you cannot recover compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. To speak with an experienced Venice soft tissue injury attorney about your own legal options following an accident in which you sustained a sprain, strain, or other soft tissue injury, please call Hale Law at 561-277-3397 today.