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Venice Head-On Collision Attorney

While all car accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries, certain types of crashes are notorious for being particularly dangerous. Head-on collisions, which occur when the front ends of two vehicles collide, for instance, are one of the most devastating kinds of accidents in which a person can be involved. This can partially be attributed to the force of impact involved in these collisions, which tends to be much more intense in head-on collisions, resulting in significant vehicle damage and devastating injuries.

Head-on collisions are almost always the result of driver error and because the injuries they cause are so serious, the costs of treatment typically exceeds the limits of the injured party’s insurance policy. In these cases, retaining an experienced Venice head-on collision attorney is especially important, as it can make all the difference in determining whether an injured party can hold the at-fault driver personally liable for medical bills and lost wages.


While many people assume that head-on collisions primarily occur when one driver attempts to pass another on a two lane highway, the reality is that the majority of head-on collisions are the result of one driver accidentally crossing over the centerline of the roadway, drifting into another lane, and ultimately crossing into the path of an oncoming vehicle because he or she:

  • Fell asleep at the wheel;
  • Was driving while distracted; or
  • Was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, this type of negligent behavior also makes it more likely that the injuries sustained in head-on collisions will be severe, as the at-fault driver (if inebriated, distracted, or fatigued) is often unaware of the impending collision until the moment of impact, meaning that he or she will make no efforts to swerve out of the way or slow down. As a result, head-on collisions almost always occur at high speeds and so are characterized by especially forceful impacts.


Although the actions of careless drivers are the most common cause behind wrong way accidents, other factors, including poor road conditions, unexpected mechanical problems, and bad weather can also contribute to the severity of these kinds of crashes, as can:

  • Improper highway design, including poor visibility caused by road geometrics;
  • The improper use or inadequacy of signage;
  • Inadequate traffic control measures;
  • An absence of artificial lighting;
  • Improper pavement markings; and
  • A failure to install centerline rumble strips or median barriers.

When these kinds of roadway-related problems contribute to head-on collisions, the city or state responsible for those roads could also be held partially responsible for an injured party’s damages.


The repercussions of head-on collisions tend to be severe, resulting in extensive vehicular damage and devastating injuries, making it especially important for injured parties to seek compensation for their losses from the at-fault party or his or her insurer. Please call 561-277-3397 today to speak with one of the experienced Venice head-on collision lawyers at Hale Law about your legal options.