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Venice Amputation Injury Attorney

While some accident victims are lucky enough to walk away from their accidents with only minor injuries, many are not so fortunate. Those who suffer a disfiguring injury like an amputation, for instance, could face struggles with pain, mobility, and employment for the rest of their lives. Although collecting monetary compensation for a disfiguring injury of this nature can never truly compensate a victim for the severe physical and emotional toll that these types of injuries take, recovering damages can help victims pay off mounting medical debt and pay their household bills while they attempt to adapt to their new normal. Unfortunately, pursuing this type of claim can be difficult, especially for those who are suffering from severe injuries like an amputation, so if you or a loved one suffered this kind of injury in an accident, you should contact an experienced Venice amputation injury attorney who can ensure that your claim is resolved as quickly and easily as possible.


Those who are injured in accidents and suffer standard injuries could find themselves forced to take a few weeks or months off in order to recover. Victims who sustain catastrophic injuries, however, are not so lucky and may struggle with the consequences of their accident forever. Whether the damage is cosmetic, such as a facial scar, or the loss of a limb, injured parties will have a permanent reminder of the worst day of their lives and may struggle with physical limitations and severe depression or trauma for years to come. For these reasons, those who sustain catastrophic injuries in Florida accidents are often issued higher damages awards to help compensate them for these losses.


Amputation occurs when someone experiences the partial or complete loss of a body part. In a partial amputation case, some bone, muscle, or tissue will remain attached to the victim’s body. In a complete loss, on the other hand, a body part is completely severed from the rest of the body. These types of injuries have a number of causes, but most are the result of:

  • A crushing injury, in which part of the body is crushed by or pinched between objects;
  • A severe laceration resulting in the severing of tendons, nerves, and major arteries;
  • Burn injuries of such severity that they cause damage to underlying muscles, tendons, arteries, and bones;
  • Degloving, which occurs when the skin is pulled back from the underlying muscle and tendon; and
  • Medical negligence, such as a healthcare professional’s failure to use sterile instruments during surgery, leading to the spread of bacteria.

Whatever the cause of the injury, the medical care involved to recover from an amputation is extensive and involved, as a patient may need an array of medications, specialized medical equipment, physical therapy, additional surgical procedures, and psychological care. Even when technically healed, an injured party could find it difficult to secure employment, making it impossible to pay healthcare costs and household bills.


Losing a body part is a traumatic event and those who sustain these types of injury because of someone else’s negligence deserve compensation for their losses. Please contact the experienced Venice amputation injury attorneys at Hale Law to learn more about recovering compensation for your injuries. We can be reached at 561-277-3397 or via online message.