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Rubbernecking Can Cause Car Accidents

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It is natural for people to be curious, particularly if there is something unusual to look at. Rubbernecking is when a driver stares at an event, such as a car accident on the road or vehicles pulled to the side. The problem with rubbernecking is that drivers take their attention away from the road.

All forms of distracted driving, including rubbernecking, can cause accidents. Rubbernecking to take in the details of one accident can create another accident even. If you have been in a Florida car crash, speak with a knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyer.

Ways to Prevent People from Rubbernecking

The short answer on how to prevent rubbernecking is simple; don’t do it. You can only control your own car; it is safe to assume other drivers are rubbernecking. In fact, rubbernecking is one of the reasons first responders commonly put up barriers to block sight lines after car accidents occur. They want to prevent traffic passing by from stopping or slowing down to look at the incident and potentially cause other accidents.

Barriers do work because avoidance of temptation and refusing to participate in distracted driving is a path to safety. Typically, rubbernecking begins with a few drivers slowing their vehicles down. Then a few more. Eventually, driver curiosity can even bring traffic to a standstill. This can create situations where the emergency workers who are coming to help the individuals involved in the car crash have trouble accessing the accident site.

Rubbernecking Can Cause Rear-End Collisions

The amount of car accidents caused by rubbernecking is difficult to determine, but it is known that distracted driving is often a component as to why accidents occur.

One type of accident that has a direct relationship to drivers who rubberneck is rear-end collisions that happen near car accident scenes. What happens is drivers take their eyes off the road and ignore the risks around them to try and view the accident that recently happened. Then, in an instant, that driver can create an accident of their own and cause serious injuries.

Curiosity is natural. However, the important thing is to recognize the risks of rubbernecking and do your best to always stay present and aware of your surroundings when driving. When accidents do happen due to rubbernecking, talk to a Sarasota car accident lawyer.

Car accidents can result in severe injuries and financial devastation. Failing to pay attention for one moment can mean years of problems. Do your best to drive safely, and if you are in an accident, speak to an attorney to help you resolve your case for the maximum compensation possible.

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