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Learning to Avoid Road Rage Drivers

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When an insurance comparison company surveyed drivers, 82% of them reported experiencing road rage while driving within the past year. That is a frighteningly high percentage of drivers, especially when you consider how often accidents happen because individuals are unable to control their emotions.

If you were injured because of an aggressive driver, reach out and share your story with a Sarasota car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can explain to you what your options are for securing compensation. Of course, whenever possible, avoid road rage drivers to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Indicators of Road Rage

Anger does not mix with driving because people can be so distracted by their own emotions that they are unable to recognize how much of a risk they are, both to themselves and to others. Steer clear of these drivers when you can.

Signs of an aggressive driver:

  • Suddenly moving in and out of traffic lanes
  • Beeping car horn repeatedly
  • Shouting at people in other cars
  • Displaying indecent gestures to other drivers

Refrain from Arguments to Minimize Risk

While it can be tempting to react to the language or behavior of another driver, feeding the bad energy will only create more problems. Instead, aim to keep away from the vehicle, letting them pass you and then giving them space.

Also, planning your time can help you to avoid becoming an aggressive driver yourself. When people are late for work or other appointments, they are more likely to tailgate or merge recklessly. Staying calm and breathing deeply may help. Remember that your safety relies on thinking clearly on the road.

Of course, when you are on a Florida highway you are only in control of one car, your own. You can’t control the way others are driving. That is why it is best to avoid road rage drivers and not get pulled into an argument. If you feel threatened by a person who is driving recklessly, contact law enforcement. When you stop to make the call, be sure you are stopping somewhere public. A business, for example, where others are around to help you if the situation escalates. If there is an accident, contact a Sarasota car accident lawyer.

Feelings can change abruptly and someone with rage might shift quickly to apologies. But if there has already been damage to property or physical injury, it is best to not accept any financial compensation or settlement without talking to an attorney. When a knowledgeable legal professional looks over your situation, they can determine how much your compensation could be. That number may be a lot higher than the number offered to you initially.

Keep Calm and Unleash Hale

If you have been injured in a Florida crash, the experienced Sarasota car accident attorneys at Hale Law can help you to maximize your compensation. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call at 941-735-4529.

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