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Hale Law’s Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Ian

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Tropical Storm Ian is projected to strengthen into a hurricane as it approaches the West Coast of Florida this week. Forecasts are showing the storm could strengthen and hit Florida as a category 3 hurricane or a category 4 hurricane. We strongly urge our community to take all necessary precautions and monitor the storm closely during this time.

Many feel they are well-versed with hurricane preparedness procedures, but it’s vital to ensure you’re familiar with up-to-date procedures to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Please use a Hurricane Preparedness Guide for information about preparing your property, using a supply checklist, and claims contact information. This guide will facilitate the preparedness process step-by-step to ensure you are prepared for the hurricane. In addition to the guide are key considerations to keep in mind when preparing for a severe storm:

·   Determine if you are in a flood zone, and if you are required to evacuate

·   If evacuation is required, ensure you know where to go and where the nearest evacuation center is

·   Purchase non-perishable food, water, and items such as flashlights and batteries

·   Ensure you have your prescription medications (2-week supply) on hand

·   Keep your cell phone fully charged

·   Fill up your car’s gas tank

Despite the best preparation, some will still suffer property damage or personal injury from the storm. In fact, most personal injury related to hurricanes occurs after the storm has passed. This was the case recently with Hurricane Irma, with less than half of damages occurring before or during landfall. This may be a result of littered debris, contaminated floodwater or exposure to various impurities during cleanup.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to have a homeowners insurance attorney in mind before any damage has occurred, so you can call them immediately after any incident. Should you incur property damage as a result of Hurricane Ian, please make sure to do the following:

·      Stay indoors during the hurricane and away from windows and glass doors, even when covered

·      Call for emergency assistance if you are seriously injured and need medical attention

·      If you can, take photos of the damage before cleaning up or repairing anything

·      Use temporary measures to keep occupants safe

·      Call the homeowners insurance attorneys at Hale Law day or night at (941) 735-4529 to make a claim for any related matter

If you incur damages as a result of the upcoming hurricane and need to report a claim, please contact us at Hale Law. We can be reached at (941) 735-4529 or by chat at We are happy to help anytime.

At Hale Law, our homeowners insurance claim attorneys are prepared to support you during this time regardless of the local conditions and want you to know we are here to help. We hope you and your loved ones continue to remain safe. Please follow our Facebook Page for new information about our hours of operation and community updates.


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