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Florida Pedestrians Can Be Dangerous When Distracted

When the weather is pleasant, people often decide to enjoy the Florida sunshine with a walk around the neighborhood. Walking can be healthy, but it is also common for pedestrians to be distracted while walking, such as by their cell phones, which leads to risks.

Pedestrians can be hurt while walking throughout cities and even neighborhoods. One Center for Disease Control and Prevention study cites more than 4,000 pedestrian deaths and 76,000 pedestrians injuries occurred within one year. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, talk to a Sarasota personal injury attorney about compensation for damages, both economic and non-economic.

Multitasking Is Not Safe

Just as it is dangerous to be a distracted driver, there are risks to distracted walking. Because walking comes easy for many, they mistakenly believe they can multitask when taking a stroll. However, science tells us the brain cannot move from task to task efficiently. To be safe on roads while driving, walking, or cycling, everyone needs to be paying attention.

A few tips on how to stay safe on the streets as a pedestrian:

  • Be visible. When walking in dark, overcast conditions, or at night, be sure you are visible to others. Reflective clothing and flashlights can be helpful.
  • Utilize crosswalks. Cross the street at the appropriate places. Do not jaywalk. Drivers and bicyclists should be ready to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks; in other areas they can be caught by surprise. Always be vigilant even when walking in crosswalks, too.
  • Follow signs and signals. Traffic signals apply to everyone using a street. This means pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicular drivers all need to follow signs and signals in order to remain safe.
  • Watch for oncoming cars. When one car stops for you, do not assume all the cars behind them will also stop. Be aware of traffic and look both ways before and as you cross any street.

Traffic dangers are not the only ways in which individuals can be injured while walking. There are even times when pedestrians hurt themselves on broken sidewalks. Unexpected walking surfaces can cause a person to trip and fall, so it is important to keep an eye out on the pathway you are walking as well.

Staying safe is a top priority, whether you are driving or on foot. Staying aware of your environment can help you avoid accidents and injuries. If you unfortunately are injured in a pedestrian accident, do not believe you have to pay for all the damages on your own when another is negligent. A Sarasota personal injury attorney can examine all of the facts surrounding your accident and determine the best course of action.

Give ‘Em Hale

Were you harmed when walking in Florida? Talk to the experienced Sarasota attorneys at Hale Law. When pedestrian accidents occur, whether by car, sidewalk, or something else, damage compensation may be possible. Whenever pedestrians bring claims, they can lead to complex insurance negotiations. Our experienced attorneys will work to secure the maximum compensation amount for you. Hale Law attorneys do this on a contingency fee basis, so there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call at 941-735-4529.