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Florida Car Crashes and Disc Injury Compensation

Many car accidents, in Florida and around the world, cause back and neck injuries. Some of these injuries are sprains and strains, and disc injuries are also possible. The severity of the injury depends on the force of the collision and how the injury was sustained. In some cases, injury victims are able to heal at home in a matter of weeks. But for others, rest and recuperation is not enough; surgeries and hospital stays may be required.

Focusing on healing is needed to recover from a back or neck injury. After starting to obtain the best medical care you can, connect with a Sarasota car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your personal injury claim and compensation options.

Ongoing Pain, Nerve Damage, and More

The spine is composed of individual bones, called vertebrae. Several types of vertebrae are needed for a spine to be healthy and have full movement. These vertebrae are in distinct areas named the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, and coccyx. Disks are also present to provide a cushion between bones. Harm to these disks, such as when a disc is ruptured or herniated, can result in pain and other long-term issues.

Disc damage issues can include one or more of the following:

  • Continuous pain. When there is harm to discs in a person’s lower back, they may experience pain in their buttocks, feet, or legs. Damage to discs in the neck could result in shoulder and arm discomfort.
  • Physical weakness. It is possible for individuals who are suffering from a disc injury to have trouble grasping objects or walking. They may stumble or fall, for example, without control.
  • Nerve damage. Numbness and tingling can be indicators of nerve damage in addition to the disc injury itself.
  • Pain with movement. There are a lot of different pains connected to disk injuries. Some report coughing or sneezing causing acute pain.

Wherever the injury is in the back or in the neck, medical care is necessary. When a healthcare professional assesses your situation, they will be able to develop a treatment plan to help get you as close to or completely pain free. Medical documentation of injuries and any care that will be needed in the future is an important part of a strong personal injury claim too.

Financial Compensation Can Help

When you talk to a Sarasota car accident lawyer following a Florida collision, you will learn about the full scope of your options in recovering compensation for your injuries. Recovery for slipped disks and other injuries can include many things, including financial compensation for wage loss and financial recovery for medical expenses. In the event of a permanent injury as a result of a Florida auto accident, financial compensation for pain and suffering is available as well.

An initial settlement offer from an insurance company may be far lower than you need or have a right to. Discuss your situation with a legal professional regarding your options for a higher financial compensation package.


Did you sustain an injury in a Florida auto accident such as a spinal disc injury? Talk to the experienced Sarasota accident attorneys at Hale Law. A lot of crashes lead to complex insurance negotiations. Our experienced attorneys will work to secure the maximum compensation amount for you. Because our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call 941-735-4529.