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Florida Car Accidents Can Result In Broken Bones

Nobody wants to get sick and nobody wants to experience a broken bone, but the truth is everyone is under the weather from time to time and statistically most will experience a fracture in their lifetime. Some reports estimate most individuals will average two fracture injuries over the course of their lifetimes. Like any injury, fractures vary in severity. Some require surgery, others only a few months of rest.

When a car accident results in fractures, it can be important to have an attorney on your side to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. Fractures can lead to high medical bills and physical therapy expenses. A Sarasota car accident lawyer can secure a fair settlement amount for you.

Comminuted Fractures, Stress Fractures, and more

There are different types of bone breaks and treatment plans will vary depending on the type of fracture.

  • If a bone is broken into three or more pieces, it is a comminuted fracture.
  • When a break is perpendicular to the long part of a bone, it is a transverse fracture.
  • A crack that appears to be a hairline is a stress fracture.

People need to have healthy bones. After all, bones protect organs and support the muscles you need to jump, walk, and move. Your doctor and healthcare team can assess your car accident injuries and whether you have a fracture.

If you have experienced a fracture, surgery may be needed. When breaks are severe, there can be multiple surgeries, years of physical therapy, and lifelong pain. For others, bones can heal with time off from work and a cast. Whether you need compensation to cope with medical fees or loss of income after an accident, a Sarasota car accident lawyer can help.

How Bones Break In a Car Crash

Any bone is vulnerable to a break during a car accident. Crashes can cause extreme force, and an individual can experience blows from objects, be thrown back and forth in an unnatural manner, be ejected from the vehicle, or be crushed by bending metal. Sometimes, safety features can even cause breaks, such as the force from deployed airbags or seat belt resistance.

Of course, car accidents are not the only types of accidents that result in fractures. Motorcycle crashes can result in extreme injuries as well. There are also examples of victims of slip and fall accidents experiencing fractures. In all of these situations, it is possible the negligence of another caused the bone breaks. Compensation is often needed to heal from the emotional and financial impacts of any type of bone break.

Ongoing income loss is a reality for many who have physically demanding jobs and find themselves coping with lifelong physical issues due to a bone fracture. Serious injuries have ended many careers that were previously prosperous.

Did You Break Bones in a Car Accident? Go To Hale

Did you break bones when you were in a Sarasota car accident? Talk to the experienced Sarasota attorneys at Hale Law. Some car wrecks lead to complex insurance negotiations; our experienced attorneys will work to secure the maximum compensation amount for you. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover any compensation. For a free consultation, call us at 941-735-4529.