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When a Medicare Recipient Is Injured In a Car Accident

Medicare, a government health care program, is available for people 65 years old and older. There are also times when individuals with disabilities are eligible for Medicare. While the program can help with medical costs, it doesn’t pay for everything and there are important things to know if you are a Medicare recipient injured in a car collision.

After an injury from an accident, it is important to understand your rights. Individuals who are on an employer-provided healthcare plan and individuals on Medicare all have the right to file a claim and secure compensation. That said, each circumstance is unique. For Medicare recipients, it needs to be understood that a financial settlement likely means the government health program will need to be reimbursed for any medical expenses provided as a result of an accident.

If you are a senior who was in a car accident in Florida, you need an experienced legal team on your side. A knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyer can walk you through your compensation options.

Contacting a Medicare Coordination of Benefits Contractor

In the aftermath of an accident, a Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB) Contractor should be contacted if a Medicare recipient is receiving medical care as a result. There are steps that need to be taken along the way and it can be helpful to keep records of all your communications with Medicare. This can help to avoid payment mistakes later.

Some of the steps Medicare recipients should follow:

  • Inform a COB contact about the accident and the accident injuries.
  • After a personal injury claim, let the COB contact know about it.
  • Medicare will provide a list of expenses that they should be paid out of the settlement.
  • Appeal the amount or pay.

Opening the lines of communication and keeping them open is likely your best bet. Medicare will contact you if you do not contact them. It is important to realize a large portion of settlement amounts may go to Medicare. Understanding these numbers is essential, which is why it is very helpful to have a Sarasota car accident lawyer on your side. It is also helpful because a Sarasota car accident lawyer can handle this all for you.

An Attorney Can Help Assess Expenses

A Medicare contact will send you a statement listing the amount you should pay out of your settlement. Looking over this list with care is part of protecting yourself. There may be bills or fees that are not associated with the car accident and should be handled outside the matter.

Once you have carefully scrutinized the expenses, it is time to either appeal or pay. If the amount includes treatment unrelated to your accident, decide if you want to appeal. If you appeal, it will be a longer process. Again, a Sarasota car accident lawyer can handle this all for you.

Give ‘Em Hale

If you are a senior who has been injured in a Florida crash, the experienced Sarasota car accident lawyers at Hale Law can help you to maximize your compensation and handle the paperwork along the way. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call at 941-735-4529.