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Accident Injuries May Not Show Immediately

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After a car accident, injuries do not always appear immediately. There are times when broken bones and blood are seen and those injuries are addressed right away, but in other circumstances injuries are subtle and slow to show. These physical injuries can possibly still be life threatening.

Since injuries can be slow to appear, seeing a doctor in the aftermath of a Florida car accident is always advisable. First, obtain the medical care you need. Then, talk to a knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyer to understand your rights.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Be Slow to Show

Having your health assessed is an essential thing to do after a vehicle accident. This is true even if you walk away from the accident without any scratches or bruises. Adrenaline works in our bodies as a way for humans to cope with trauma. After an accident, because of adrenaline, you may not be able to recognize an injury right away. Symptoms may not appear until many hours later.

Some car accident injuries that can be slow to exhibit symptoms:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD can surface for individuals who are involved in or witness a terrifying event. This includes vehicle accidents. It is important that people who are experiencing anger, flashbacks, or depression in the aftermath of an accident to talk over their symptoms with a mental health professional.
  • Internal Bleeding. A pain in your midsection should not be waved off as a minor injury. It could be an indicator of internal bleeding which can be critical.
  • Damage to Neck and Spine. Whiplash, occurring when the head suddenly moves backward and forward, happens during vehicle accidents. Sometimes this abrupt motion or other types of body movements in a crash strain and injure an individual’s neck, shoulders, and/or back. With an X-Ray or an MRI, a doctor can assess the damage and treat the injuries.
  • Concussions and Head Injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are not always apparent from the get-go. Some signs include slurred speech, headaches, vomiting, and balance issues. Consult a physician for their advice and expert opinion on these serious types of injury.

Car accidents result in a wide range of injuries, from catastrophic to minor abrasions. Do not assume you know the condition of your injuries on your own: talk to a medical professional. Seeing a doctor right away means you will be able to secure treatment immediately to help you heal, and it also means you will have documentation to move forward with an insurance claim if need be. Symptoms from certain injuries do not surface for days or weeks after a car accident, so don’t delay.

You should also speak with a knowledgeable professional to help you through the legal complexities of securing financial compensation after a car accident. A skilled Sarasota car accident lawyer knows the best path for you, including options for insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits.

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