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West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Palm Beach Post reported that Palm Beach pedestrian deaths climbed 41 percent in 2017, even as the overall death rate for pedestrians nationwide was dropping. Pedestrians who are hit by vehicles are more likely to suffer life-threatening, life-altering injuries or even die because they are vulnerable road users and do not have the same protections as those encased by a vehicle. When a pedestrian is hit, they suddenly must put all of their attention on recovering and often family members must join in to help. Even after the worst of the physical injuries, the emotional trauma of being a victim can linger. A skilled West Palm Beach pedestrian accident attorney can help reduce the stress and anxiety after a crash by handling the legal work and being a strong advocate for the victim and their family.


As vulnerable road users, pedestrians lack the protection from an enclosed vehicle, motorcycle protective gear, or even a bicycle helmet. The trends towards more pedestrian deaths can partially be linked to the trend for Americans to be purchasing larger vehicles. According to an article in The Week, 70 percent of new vehicles purchased in the United States today are either SUVs or trucks. These vehicles are taller and weigh more, which means instead of hitting someone in the leg and causing them to roll over the hood of the car, trucks and SUVs hit a pedestrian in the torso. When this happens, the person is more likely to be knocked off their feet and run over, increasingly the likelihood of horrific injuries or death. Pedestrians in Florida also face the fact that it is warm in the winter months when the sun goes down early, meaning that they are more likely to be out walking when it is dark outside. If the lighting conditions are poor, drivers are less likely to spot pedestrians in time. Similarly, cities that do not have adequate sidewalks put pedestrians at a greater risk of being harmed while walking. Ultimately though, it is a driver’s responsibility to watch for others on the road in front of them and if a pedestrian is hit, the driver must be held responsible for damages with a personal injury claim.


Often, pedestrians who have been hit require immediate medical attention and may not remain on the scene long enough to give their testimony of what occurred to the police officers investigating the scene. A driver may flee the scene or lie to the police in order to avoid punishment for their negligent driving. Even with these barriers, there are other pieces of evidence that can be used to prove fault after a pedestrian crash including:

  • Witness testimonies;
  • Crash scene photos;
  • Police report;
  • Traffic or security cameras;
  • Damage to the vehicle; and
  • More.


At Hale Law, our experienced West Palm Beach pedestrian accidents attorneys know that recovering from being hit is both painful and emotional. If you or a loved one has been hit by a driver while walking, our attorneys can help you prove liability, advocate for your best interests, and seek to get you the best compensation possible. Contact our offices at  561-277-3397 to schedule a free consultation today.