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West Palm Beach Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is a growing threat on all U.S. roadways, as increasing numbers of drivers feel that it is socially acceptable to text and drive, or use their phones in other ways. Texting and hands-free laws are very weak (penalties are low) and enforcement is almost non-existent. As such, distraction through electronic devices is on the rise. Other forms of distracted driving, such as changing the radio, eating or drinking, and staring out the side window daydreaming all still exist. As such, cell phone distraction is adding to these older, more established forms of distracted driving, and thousands of lives are being lost every year. The West Palm Beach distracted driving accident attorneys at Hale Law are here to help.

Cell Phone and Social Media Addiction

Millions of Americans are addicted to their phones. According to Leftronic, the average person spends nearly three hours a day on their smartphone, while 22 percent of people check their phones every few minutes. Additionally, the average smartphone owner interacts with their phone 63 times per day. Meanwhile, social media addiction is also a growing threat, and with more studies may eventually become classified as a mental disorder, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Because so many drivers are addicted to their cell phones and social media, and choose to pick their phones up countless times to text, check Facebook, or send pictures while driving, the roads are becoming less safe.

Manual, Cognitive, and Visual Distraction

There are three forms of distraction, and some types of distractions include all three. These types of distraction are the most dangerous.

  • Manual or Physical—The driver takes their hand or hands off the steering wheel to pick something up, dial a phone number, or drink coffee.
  • Visual—The driver takes their eyes off the road to search for an item on the dashboard, to adjust the radio or the music on their phone, to text, or to glance at the GPS.
  • Cognitive—The driver’s mind is taken from the road by a conversation, a crying or yelling child in the back seat, or daydreaming about work. Cognitive distraction is also included in many types of manual and visual distractions.

How Do I Prove Distracted Driving?

Proving that the other driver was distracted can be a challenge, as it is the rare driver who admits that they were using their phone or wolfing down a messy, double bacon hamburger at the time of the crash. While there are some methods to prove that the other driver was distracted, such as subpoenaing cell phone records, these are not used very often. What is more important than proving distraction is proving the cause of the crash, such as the at-fault driver swerving out of their lane, or the at-fault driver rear-ending a vehicle stopped at a traffic light.

Call a West Palm Beach Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

If you were injured by a distracted driver, the West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys at Hale Law are here to help. To start the personal injury claim process, call our experienced lawyers today at 941-735-4529 to schedule a free consultation.

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