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Sarasota Amputation Injury Attorney

The Average Lifetime Cost of an Amputation

There is no amount of money that can replace the body part that you lost. Tragically, the negligent party’s driving behavior took something away from you that you can never get back. Our Sarasota amputation injury attorneys understand this, but they also understand that the average cost of living with an amputation is over $500,000, according to research. Our Hale Law attorneys will do everything in their power to provide you with the financial resources to help you through the rest of your life as you manage your substantial injury.

How Amputations Occur in Traffic Collisions

There are generally four ways in which a victim can lose a body part in a traffic collision. These include the following:

  • Crushing Injury—The most common type of amputation caused in traffic collisions is a crushing injury in which the body part is crushed by an object or pinched in between an object. For example, this could occur when the engine is pushed backwards into a driver’s leg because of the crumple zone.
  • Severe Laceration—Lacerations that are extreme severe may result in a body part not being able to be saved. If tendons, nerves, and major arteries are severed, physicians may only have the option of saving the victim’s life instead of trying to re-attach the appendage. Lacerations are most common with broken windows in traffic collisions. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to laceration amputations if they go through the window of the at-fault driver’s vehicle.
  • Burn Injury—Third degree burns that cause damage to underlying muscle, arteries, tendons, and bone may require amputation. Even second degree burns that become infected, which is common when the burn area is a large percentage of the victim’s body surface, can result in amputation to save the patient’s life. While most traffic collisions do not end up in an explosion, when fires do occur they may trap the victim inside the vehicle, causing extensive life threatening burns.
  • Degloving—Degloving, or an avulsion, occurs when the skin is pulled back from a body part, revealing the tissue underneath. Degloving can affect any body part, but is most common in the legs, according to Healthline. It is a life-threatening injury, and can result in losing that body part due to a necessary amputation if repairing the tissue or using a skin graft is not possible. Degloving is also common with the fingers. Having a finger pinched between two crushed pieces of metal, and then removing the finger out of necessity, can cause the skin to be ripped away from the underlying muscle and tendon, resulting in degloving and amputation.

Let a Sarasota Amputation Injury Attorney Help

Losing a finger, hand, arm, or any other body part is an extremely traumatic event. Whether the injury occurred as a result of being hit by a car as a pedestrian, or you were an occupant in a motor vehicle yourself, you deserve substantial compensation for your loss. Here at Hale Law, our Sarasota amputation injury lawyers can help you file a personal injury claim to recover the damages that have been thrust upon you by another driver’s negligent actions. Call 941-735-4529 to schedule a free consultation today.

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