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Port Charlotte Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

When you help an elderly loved one move into a nursing home in the Port Charlotte area, you should not have to wonder if the nursing home will properly care for the older adult residents in the facility. Seniors make up a large percentage of Florida’s total population, and they are also among the most vulnerable residents in the state.

Learning that an elderly parent or loved one has sustained serious injuries in a nursing home can be devastating. When we entrust a nursing home with a loved one’s safety and well-being, we should be able to expect that the nursing home and its staff will provide a high quality of care to each and every patient. If you have suspicions about nursing home abuse or neglect, an experienced Port Charlotte nursing home abuse attorney at our firm can begin working on your case today.

Different Types of Port Charlotte Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many different forms. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) explains how the following are all forms of elder abuse that can have very different signs and symptoms:

  • Physical abuse and physical mistreatment, which often has symptoms such as unexplained bruises, burns, cuts, abrasions, pressure marks, and even broken bones;
  • Emotional or psychological abuse, which can have signs such as a senior’s unexplained withdrawal from his or her regular activities, depression, arguments with a caregiver, tension with a caregiver or staff member, and nearly any other behavior that is unexpected and unexplained;
  • Verbal abuse, which is closely linked to psychological abuse, and can occur when a senior is regularly belittled, embarrassed, or threatened by a caregiver or staff member at a nursing home;
  • Sexual abuse, which often has such as bruises or bleeding around the breasts or genitals, or unexplained sexually transmitted infections; and
  • Neglect, which is not usually intentional but instead results from a lack of care and can have symptoms like bed sores, poor hygiene, unexplained weight loss, unexplained fall-related injuries, and other unattended medical needs.

Under Florida law, nursing home residents have many rights, including a right to receive adequate health care. Many forms of nursing home abuse violate this right, as well as numerous other resident rights.

Filing a Port Charlotte Nursing Home Abuse Claim on Time

If you are worried about elder abuse, you should start the process of filing a claim. The statute of limitations for nursing home abuse lawsuits in Florida is only two years. As such, if a claim is not filed within two years from the date the abuse occurred, the injured senior may be unable to obtain compensation for losses. 

Seek Advice from a Port Charlotte Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nobody should have to suffer injuries from nursing home abuse or neglect. In some cases, nursing homes never intend to cause harm, but as a result of neglect, a patient suffers injuries in a serious fall or contracts a life-threatening infection. In other cases, a staff member or a nurse may engage in intentionally harmful behavior that can include physical and psychological abuse.

If you have any concerns at all, you should trust your instincts and should reach out to a dedicated Port Charlotte nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. Contact Hale Law today for more information about filing a Florida nursing home abuse lawsuit.

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