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Port Charlotte Rollover Injury Attorney

Rollover collisions are the most dangerous type of vehicle crash you can be involved in. According to the National High Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollovers accounted for 35 percent of all passenger vehicle fatalities on the road. Often, passengers who are not wearing seatbelts will be ejected from the vehicle, but even those who are safely secured in their vehicle can suffer life-altering injuries such as brain trauma, fractures, and deep lacerations that take weeks of medical care in a hospital to recover from. If you have been through a rollover crash, it is important that you seek legal assistance with your personal injury claim. The Port Charlotte rollover injury attorneys at Hale Law, P. A. can help.

What Causes a Rollover?

How Stuff Works explains that rollover crashes are directly related to a vehicle’s stability, which is influenced by the center of gravity and the distance between the right and left wheels of the vehicle. The higher the center of gravity and the closer together the right and left wheels are, the more unstable the car. SUVs and pickup trucks with high ground clearance are also more at risk of a rollover crash should they take a turn too quickly. Overcorrecting the steering wheel after a sudden swerve to avoid something in the road can also lead to a rollover. The tire might hit a pothole, curb, or fixed object and get momentarily caught, throwing the vehicle off balance. Other considerations that can increase the risk of a rollover include what type of cargo a vehicle is carrying that might make it top-heavy or what it is trailing behind it that could throw off the vehicle’s stability and cornering capabilities.

Who is at Fault in a Rollover

Even if you are involved in a single car vehicle rollover, you may not be at fault for the damages. If you swerved to avoid a car making an illegal turn in front of you, and the sudden change of direction caused your vehicle to flip, that driver can still be held liable for your injuries and property damage. If you are in a multiple car collision, the negligent driver will again be held liable. A qualified attorney can help you prove fault in your case by going over police records, witness statements, crash scene evidence, and more. Once fault is determined, we will help you determine the extent of the damages. This includes medical bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of joy in life, property damage, emotional distress, and more.

A Port Charlotte Rollover Attorney is Here to Assist You

Rollover crashes cause vehicles to extend all over the road and the injuries are often substantial enough that victims struggle to recall the series of events that led to the crash. While you focus on recovery, it is vital that you have a knowledgeable Port Charlotte rollover attorney who can help you determine fault and submit an insurance claim that will get you the best outcome possible. To learn more, call the attorneys here at Hale Law today at 941-735-4529 to schedule a free consultation

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