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Port Charlotte Burn Injury Attorney

Not only do burn injuries take a physical toll on the body, but they are likely to create extra psychological stress. In addition to dealing with the pain, the victim must also deal with possible disfigurement and PTSD.  If you were a victim of a traffic collision that left you with burns, it is in your interest to seek compensation for the damages that have been caused to you. A Port Charlotte burn injury attorney at Hale Law can help hold the responsible party accountable so that your focus can remain on your recovery.


On its own, gasoline is an extremely hazardous liquid because it can ignite from as far as 12 feet away from the source. When combined with a traffic collision, burn injuries from gasoline become complicated by other potential injuries and the consequences can prove to be severe. According to research published in PubMed, 36 percent of the burn patients injured in a motor vehicle accident had also sustained other injuries that complicated wound care. While gasoline is the first culprit we assume when it comes to burn injuries in traffic collisions, this is not the only source of burns on the road. Tankers carrying various toxic chemicals travel the same roads as passenger cars and a crash involving one of these vehicles is likely to result in chemical exposure and burns. Motorcyclists who are hit are also at risk of being pinned under their motorcycle, which can lead to engine burns on the lower extremities.


The amount you receive as compensation in a personal injury case will ultimately depend on the severity of your burn injury. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, there are three types of burn classifications:

  • First Degree Burns—These cause pain, redness, and swelling but they only affect the outermost layers of the skin (epidermis).
  • Second Degree Burns—These affect the epidermis and the underlying layer of skin. As a result, in addition to the symptoms of a first degree burn, there will be blistering. If the burn area is larger there can be infection complications and scarring.
  • Third Degree Burns—These are also known as full-thickness burns because they affect all layers of the skin. These burns can cause numbness because the nerve endings have been destroyed. The skin will turn either white or blackened from a third degree burn.


Burn injuries require medical treatment and the costs of surgery, skin grafts, or plastic surgery can be overwhelming. The party responsible for your injuries should be held liable for your medical costs as well as any lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, and loss of joy in life. Reach out to the Port Charlotte burn injury attorneys at Hale Law for help with your legal case. We will work to ensure you get the best outcome from the insurance claim so that you can focus your attention on making a speedy physical and emotional recovery. Contact us at 561-286-4876 to schedule a no-cost consultation.