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June Friday June 17th a fatal crash occurred on I-75

 Please be advised that on June Friday June 17th a fatal crash occurred on I-75. A tractor-trailer carrying gas tanks was heading Northbound on I-75 when it collided into another tractor-trailer that was in the outside shoulder off the road near Exit 256. After this initial crash occurred the tractor-trailer’s gas tanks fell off the tractor-trailer and caused them to fall onto a Buick Enclave carrying four people within. Unfortunately, one woman in the Buick passed away because of the injuries she sustained in the crash. Three others were severely injured as a result as are recovering.

            There is still an unknown reason at this time why the first tractor-trailer veered off into the outside shoulder that ultimately caused this fatal crash to occur. The Florida Highway Patrol has not yet released all the detail of this deadly crash. Always remember to please drive safely on the roadways at all times.

            Hale Law offers our sincerest condolences to the families of those involved in this serious accident.