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How to Build a Strong Truck Accident Case in Sarasota

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Trucks are essential to our nation’s economy as they are a great way to transport goods from coast to coast. However, when a truck accident occurs, lives are at stake. Truck accidents happen often in Florida, and most times, they are preventable. Victims of truck accidents have a right to compensation. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you will have the opportunity to gain the highest amount of compensation you deserve. One of the keys to building a strong truck accident case is by showing and proving negligence.

Showing and Proving Negligence

One of the most important aspects of building a strong accident case is showing and proving negligence. Truck accidents typically stem from negligence — someone’s careless act or failure to provide a certain level of care and attention.

Distracted driving, relaxed hiring procedures, and lack of training are all contributors to truck accidents. If you can show these occurred in your accident, you can prove negligence.

If you were involved in a truck crash in Sarasota or Bradenton and you are looking to build a solid case, you can begin with showing and proving negligence.

Here are some steps on where to begin:

  • Send a Preservation of Evidence Letter ASAP.

Write a letter to the trucking company, insurance company, and any other relevant party requesting that they maintain or preserve certain valuable information for your case. This includes electronic and physical documents such as time sheets, photos from the accident, and recordings. Be sure to list in detail the types of information you demand they preserve.

  • Gather Evidence.

Fact-find and gather any evidence that will help strengthen your case. This includes obtaining the at-fault driver’s file containing the driving record, medical history, and qualifications.

Additional evidence includes the trucking company’s records. You would want information about any violations with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, compliance records, and driver logs.

Finally, you will want to request a crash report. Crash reports list important information detailing the parties involved, insurance information, as well as the time and place the accident occurred.

  • Rely on Your Personal Injury Attorney.

Building a solid truck accident case on your own can be difficult. There are several reasons why you need an attorney for your trucking accident. One of them is for the attorney’s expertise.

Keep in mind, your attorney has seen the ins and outs of trucking accident cases and will be prepared for any tactic used by the insurance companies to avoid liability and paying on your claim.

While you focus on recoving from your injuries, your attorney can work with the insurance companies on your behalf and do everything needed in the investigation and negotiation processes.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident in Sarasota, Call Hale Law at 941-735-4529.

If you receive injuries due to a truck driver’s negligence or failure to provide the attention and care required on the road, contact the Sarasota truck accident attorneys at Hale Law. We are sensitive to your needs and will aggressively pursue your claim with the insurance companies and fight for your rights. Call our office for a free consultation at 941-735-4529. There’s no fee unless we recover for you.

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