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Tyler Yackel is a legal intern with Hale Law Tyler was born in Staten Island, New York and raised in Sarasota, Florida. Tyler graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. While at UCF, Tyler’s Legal Studies degree heavily prepared him for law school, as he was had courses in civil practice and procedure, evidence, legal research and writing, professional ethics and liability, tort law, and trial advocacy. After taking the course on trial advocacy, Tyler developed an interest in litigation. This inspired him to try out for UCF’s competitive American Mock Trial Association Team, and he was thereafter selected to be a member of the Team. He competed in numerous American Mock Trial Association tournaments held in several different states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Nebraska. After graduating from UCF, he first joined Hale Law as an intern to gain legal experience prior to attending law school.

Now, Tyler is a rising 2L at Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in Riverview, Florida. During his first year in law school, Tyler competed in the 1L Trial Team competition where he finished second place. After completion of his first year of law school, Tyler has returned to Sarasota with the opportunity to join Hale Law once again to continue his education and experience in the personal injury field of law.

During his time at Hale Law, Tyler has continuously striven to bring passion, motivation, and dedication to all of his work in order to ensure a strong and successful personal injury case for each of the firm’s clients.