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Florida Nursing Homes and Nutrition Issues

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Malnourishment is possible when an individual is not receiving a healthy amount of nutrients, calories, and protein. When there are nutrition issues, health concerns can elevate. There are times when nutrition deficiencies result in a decline in cognitive abilities, a decrease in immune function, and an increased risk of tripping and falling. For individuals with health problems and of an advanced age, like most nursing home residents, falling and cognitive concerns can already be an issue.

Life threatening problems can arise when vulnerable individuals are malnourished. If you have witnessed an inadequate level of care at a Florida nursing home, talk to a Sarasota nursing home abuse attorney. Legal action could be an option for you and your family.

Depression and an Inability to Heal are Possible

There are indicators when malnourishment is being experienced. Some of the signs are visible to others and some symptoms are felt by the individual who is feeling the effects of not having enough nutrition. Any or all of the below are possible when nourishment issues are present.

  • Dryness of hair and skin
  • Weight loss
  • Visible indicators of weight reduction such as hollowed out cheeks and eye areas
  • Upset, depression, and anxiety
  • Wounds are unable to heal
  • Irritable moods
  • Interest in food reduced
  • Feeling physically cold
  • Loss of day-to-day joy
  • Inability to concentrate

While weight loss can be true for some who are malnourished, there are also examples of individuals who are overweight and not receiving enough nutrients. This can happen when an individual is only consuming foods that are full of calories but low on essential nutrients a body needs.

Health Issues are Possible due to Staffing Issues

When people go into a career at a nursing home or assisted living facility, they are often propelled to do so because they want to help people. But when there are scheduling problems or a building is understaffed, it may be difficult or impossible for residents of a facility to obtain an appropriate level of care. Staff members who are stressed and overworked may not be providing the nutrition people need, either because they do not have enough time to help an individual eat or because they are so stressed they fail to recognize a person has specific dietary needs.

Problems in nursing homes should not be ignored. If you have witnessed a person in a nursing home declining or having health issues, and you suspect it is due to malnutrition, connect with a Sarasota nursing home neglect attorney to learn about your legal options. When another is negligent, legal action is possible.

Have you witnessed health issues due to malnourishment in a Florida nursing home? Talk to a lawyer to understand options for you and your family. The experienced Sarasota attorneys at Hale Law can help you and your family fight for your rights. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call at 941-735-4529.

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