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Expert Witness Testimony in Personal Injury Law

A personal injury lawsuit without direct video evidence or admissions of guilt can create a difficult case, but having an unbiased party who backs up your claim can make all the difference. Witness testimony is essential to any case and can help the judge and jury to believe your side of the story. If possible, an effort should be made to track down any and all third-party witnesses that can add credibility to your case.

How Does Witness Testimony Help?

If you make it to court, your case has already reached a point that few other personal injuries do. Most cases end in settlements before ever getting before a judge. Therefore, cases in court are more likely to have two parties who disagree entirely about the facts of the case, which can include who is at fault. A witness to the accident can provide an unbiased and objective account of what happened, and if they agree with your side of the story, it can be a significant boon.

However, the court does not believe in witnesses 100 percent of the time. One court case can have two separate witnesses who claim an opposite set of facts, even if both of them earnestly believe that they are telling the truth. If this happens, the credibility of the witness and how well their story lines up with physical evidence can tip the scales in your favor.

How Can I Find A Witness To My Injury?

It is entirely possible that your personal injury had no witnesses, but common personal injury accidents like automobile accidents often have many people who were direct firsthand witnesses and can provide witness testimony. You can ask anyone who stopped to help what they saw, whether they would be willing to testify in the future to a court or police officer, and if they have any other type of proof, like a dash cam. If a cop is on-scene, they will likely talk to any witnesses who come forward, and you can request this information later as you begin building a case. You can also ask local businesses located near an accident scene whether they have any cameras or witnesses to the event.

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What is Considered Expert Witness Testimony?

Expert witnesses are not direct witnesses to your situation, despite their names. Instead, they are people with special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field relevant to your case, and courts permit them to testify on behalf of either side.

Expert witnesses can be helpful in many ways, including:

  • Explaining complex topics to the jury and judge
  • Proving negligence on behalf of the other party
  • Helping the court understand the severity of the injury, including future pain and suffering
  • Establishing the amount of money lost due to the accident, both current and future losses

While the person you are suing might say that your claims of excruciating pain are fake, an expert witness can provide testimony that establishes their credibility and expounds on their history of seeing similar situations. If your accident and the evidence provided in court align with an injury that the expert has previous firsthand knowledge of, juries are more likely to believe your story over someone who doesn’t bring an expert witness to the stand.

Where do you find expert witnesses? As the victim of an accident, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Hiring a personal injury attorney lets you focus on recovery while receiving top-notch legal representation that can reach out to any potential eyewitness or expert witness.

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