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Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most challenging situations you can find yourself in is getting injured due to someone else’s negligence. This situation can lead to many problems, and not just with your well-being. The CDC estimates that around 39 million Americans sustain injuries that need medical attention every year, making this a likely scenario for anyone to encounter. One of the first questions you should ask yourself after being injured due to someone else’s negligence is if you should hire an injury lawyer. While by law it is not a requirement, when you look at the pros and cons, it is clear you should have a lawyer by your side.

Pros Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries may look simple on the surface, but they can get quite complex quickly. First, you should lodge a claim against the negligent party. After this, you need help, and a personal injury lawyer is meant to provide this assistance.

Better Chance Of Winning

There are many proceedings and paperwork that come with filing a personal injury claim. Many times you may not fully understand the entire process. For example, if you need to file a lawsuit because the claim did not work out, you will need to file paperwork with the court and also serve the documents to the negligent party. Then, you will need to follow up and make sure that your case moves through the court process and proceeds to trial with any necessary court requirements being met along the way.

The good thing about hiring an experienced lawyer is that they have done all this before. They have the experience and knowledge on how the whole process works. A personal injury lawyer will help you collect the right evidence, which will give you the best route for success in claims and lawsuits. Most courts rely heavily on very particular pieces of evidence for most personal injury cases. Your lawyer will be better placed to find this evidence, document it, and present it to the court if they get involved right away.

The Scare Factor

Even though this is more of a psychological advantage than anything else, you stand a better chance of winning a case with a lawyer by your side. This is especially true if you are going up against a large insurance company with billions of dollars to spend on a team of lawyers. A lawyer by your side tells the other party you mean business, you are not playing around, and you know how the law works. Many personal injury cases are settled and do not reach court. A big part of this comes down to the psychological games between the two parties in negotiations throughout the claims and litigation processes.

A Better Understanding Of Your Case

There are many types of personal injury cases, each with its claim process and compensation requirements. These can include emotional loss, punitive damages, economic damages, among others. With a lawyer by your side, you will know which type of case to file, reducing the chances of a back and forth between you and the claims adjusters or the court.

Reduces Stress And Saves You Time

Stress and time wasted often go hand in hand. Imagine going out of your way and losing business as you follow up on your case. This can frustrate even the best of us. With a lawyer on your side, they can handle all the time-consuming nitty-gritty that comes with a personal injury case, and you can focus on what you love doing and need to do.

Cons Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are not many cons that come with hiring a personal injury lawyer other than cost. As you would imagine, hiring a lawyer can be quite pricey. But there are ways of working around this. For example, by working with a contingency-based injury law firm like Hale Law, you pay nothing up-front. Our motto is “no recovery, no fee,” because we work on a contingency basis. We only get paid if you win your case.

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