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3 Ways to Maximize Your Accident Settlement

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Personal injury attorneys take on many types of cases, but car accidents are the cause of most personal injury lawsuits by a wide margin. With five months left in the year 2023, Florida has already seen over 135 thousand injuries from car crashes. Car accidents routinely cause expensive injuries that go beyond the levels of the driver’s insurance coverage. If you were involved in an accident where someone else’s negligence caused an injury, you may be eligible for compensation sufficient to cover your medical bills and injuries, regardless of the amount you receive based on your own insurance. We want you to get the help you need as soon as possible, but there are two key things to consider before you begin the negotiation process and try to maximize your accident settlement.

Initial Considerations Following An Accident

First, take care of your health. Before all else, you need to make sure you are okay, with no life-threatening or severe injuries. Always seek medical attention immediately, especially if you begin experiencing symptoms or pain following an accident, even days or weeks later. In addition, medical records and documentation of hospital and physician visits play an integral role in presenting your side of the story and fighting for compensation in a negotiation.

Second, secure professional representation. Hiring a personal injury attorney is highly recommended. Most people will only ever experience one or two serious car accidents that require dealing with a third party’s insurance for extended periods of time. Attorneys, on the other hand, have been on the side of victims hundreds of times. They can use their experience to boost your case, aid in negotiations, and fight back against any dirty tricks from insurance companies. At the very least, hiring a personal injury attorney usually carries no initial financial risk, and you don’t pay unless they recover for you. Even if you are struggling with bills following an accident, hiring an attorney lets you relax and focus on recovery.

Tips To Maximize Your Accident Settlement

With an attorney by your side, you stand the best chance at maximizing your car accident settlement. Here are three additional tips:

  1. Keep Contemporaneous Records – Remembering details or finding evidence is much harder months after the fact. When possible, you should make notes and collect relevant information on any updates to your situation on the same day. Starting from the day of your accident, you can make statements to officials and professionals that establish facts about the case. Taking photos of the scene of the accident, as well as your injuries, is crucial for helping set the scene in the mind of juries if settlement negotiations fail.
  2. Follow Doctor Recommendations – Car accident settlement amounts often rely on the costs associated with medical bills. However, if the insurance company can prove that you have been ignoring doctor advice or missing scheduled appointments, they might claim you are faking your injuries.
  3. Be Open With Your Attorney – Your personal injury attorney works on your behalf, but they still need your assistance. Providing them with all relevant details, including possibly sensitive information about your state of mind, pain, or suffering, can help maximize your compensation when they argue on your behalf.

Hale Law has helped many Florida residents maximize their compensation following car accidents, often obtaining the limits of insurance available. When we are on your side, insurance companies know their methods to limit financial obligation won’t be acceptable. We are dedicated to helping the victims of personal injuries, never getting paid unless we win you money in a settlement or verdict. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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