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Ford Admitted Their SUV was Defective, but Claimed the Injuries Were Unrelated
PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA- On Thursday, January 17, 2022, a Port Charlotte jury returned a $633,000.00 verdict against Ford Motor Company for a woman who was injured when a grab handle in her new Ford SUV detached, resulting in neck and shoulder injuries.
On July 18, 2018, the Plaintiff purchased a new Ford EcoSport SUV from a local dealership. Not long after taking delivery, she used the passenger side grab handle while attempting to exit the vehicle. The handle partially detached because it was not properly installed, and the Plaintiff sustained permanent neck and shoulder injuries that resulted in two surgeries and over $300,000.00 in medical expenses.
Ford admitted that the SUV was defective because a screw had not been properly installed to secure the grab handle- but claimed that none of the Plaintiff’s injuries were caused by the improperly installed handle. The Jury disagreed and awarded all of her medical expenses plus $288,000.00 for her pain, suffering and mental anguish.
“This is a therapeutic verdict” said attorney Patrick Hale of Hale Law in Sarasota. “Instead of being Ford Tough as they advertise, this vehicle was Ford Defective.,” said Hale. “Although Ford admitted to creating the defect in their vehicle, they denied responsibility for any of their customer’s injuries- and asked the jury to give her nothing. Fortunately, the jury saw through Ford’s argument and held them accountable. Justice has been served.”

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