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5 Reasons Young Drivers Can Be Dangerous On The Roads

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When you’re young, you may not understand the consequences of your mistakes, especially where vehicles are involved. Many young adults see vehicles as a comfort tool. More than that, they see it as a status symbol and may not understand the responsibility of sitting behind the wheel. With the increasing rate of young drivers on the road, it has become important for personal injury attorneys Sarasota to speak about the dangers that young drivers constitute on the road.
In 2019, the United States recorded no less than 260,000 teenage injuries caused by car accidents. Of the growing number, over 2,600 people lost their lives in such car accidents— others who survived either suffered short- or long-term injuries that changed their lives forever.
The growing incidence of teenage accidents and the increased possibility of fatal injuries or even death make this topic worth discussing.
You may wonder why more teenage-related car accidents are likely to result in fatal injuries or even death. The answer isn’t cut and dry. There are many factors contributing to the fatality associated with young driver accidents. Find below some common reasons teenage drivers or young drivers are deemed dangerous on the roads.

Young drivers are mostly inexperienced

Experience comes from doing something over and over again. You’d admit that you didn’t begin walking and running in a day. It took a series of efforts, trial and error, and mastery to begin walking and running. The same can be said about driving. Driving a car requires experience, and experience is acquired over the years.
Many young drivers lack the experience needed to properly assess certain road conditions and make instant decisions to avert danger. In fact, other than pressing the pedal, making complex and instant decisions may be overwhelming for your young minds.
A person with a lot of driving experience may be able to foresee an accident and brake, swerve, or make proactive decisions to protect themselves and others. Sadly, not all young drivers can do the same, thus exposing them to danger and horrible outcomes.
The lack of experience puts young drivers at a disadvantage and places them in harm’s way. Not only do they stand at risk, but they can also put others at risk due to the bad judgments they make on the road.

Young drivers are easily distracted

Vehicles have changed from what they were in the 70s and 80s. Modern vehicles have a full suite of entertainment systems, interactable dashboards, etc. The technological improvement coupled with mobile devices poses a problem to most young drivers.
Being easily distracted, young drivers may find themselves engrossed in these entertainment systems while driving, or they could be on the phone, talking or texting. Such distractions take their minds off the road and put them in harm’s way, especially if they have to make instant decisions without fully understanding their situation.
Other than the distractions caused by mobile devices and entertainment systems, young drivers are also more likely to momentarily lose concentration on the road due to events happening on the curbside or around them. Such a temporary lapse can cause them to run the red light or rear-end another driver.
In fact, distracted driving was at a record high in 2019 when no less than 39% of high school students admitted texting or emailing while driving.
With a lot of distracting factors, including food, drinks, and more, young drivers are more likely to lose themselves while driving, causing an accident.

Young drivers often drive impaired

Driving impaired is a serious offense under the law. Impaired driving puts not only the driver at risk, but also other road users. However, many young drivers do not consider the enormity of these decisions, and still choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
With young drivers, there’s as high a chance of driving impaired as there is of distracted driving. A 2011 survey recorded about 1 million high schoolers admitting to driving under the influence of alcohol. Such practices risk their lives and wellbeing while exposing other road users to potential dangers.
In 2020, a research study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that over 50% of teenage respondents admitted to having driven under the influence of marijuana.

Young drivers often drive recklessly

Although young drivers do not have a monopoly on reckless driving, they are still more likely to make reckless decisions. Young drivers often experiment with faster vehicle speeds at an early age, and this may become an adrenaline-inducing act for them.
Many young drivers admit to wanting to break the speedometer, or at least test out how fast and far their cars can go. Others also admit to hating when another driver cuts them off on the road.
There’s also the possibility of road-rage fueled by speed and adrenaline. More young drivers are interested in racing other drivers on the road to prove how powerful their cars are or for personal gratification. These acts may lead to accidents, especially when unexpected objects or persons appear at a distance. It may also lead to loss of control, especially when they’re driving at break-neck speeds.

Young drivers frequently drive at night

Night driving isn’t ideal for anyone, even experienced drivers. Driving at night puts the driver at a disadvantage, especially because of the low visibility conditions.
However, more young drivers have a tendency to drive at night in search of fun and entertainment. They may also not necessarily take the required precautions of slowing down to adjust their vision before speeding off into the night, which could be risky.
Recent research revealed that most pedestrian-related accidents happen at night. This may be due to various factors, including distracted driving, speeding, low visibility, driving under the influence, and more. The percentage of young drivers implicated in such accident cases has also jumped in recent years, indicating the growing recklessness among the demographic.
Although young drivers are likely to make mistakes on the road, not all mistakes lead to an accident. However, if you’ve been hit by a young driver, you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you and win the deserved amount in compensation. Visit to learn more.

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