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Wrongful Death: Hale Law Accident Attorneys

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According to a study in 2019, 5,115 persons died of motorcycle accidents in the USA. The pain of losing a loved one is excruciating, and if the death was wrongful, the pain is multiplied many times over. To avoid further heartache and stress, turn to a wrongful death attorney to take you through the process.
In addition to avoiding more emotional distress, obtaining legal advice prior to any action saves you money by avoiding lengthy lawsuits. Notably, it also prevents you from making decisions about the loved one’s possessions that may be legally restricted. Read on to learn what qualifies for a wrongful death lawsuit, who can file it, and why it is essential to hire a wrongful death attorney.

Definition of Wrongful Death Claim

When an individual dies due to the fault or negligence of others, surviving family members file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible. Heirs can seek compensation for their loss and damages connected to the untimely death. The aim is to recognize that those injured by another’s negligent behavior should not be financially burdened by resulting medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of wages or companionship.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim?

The deceased’s spouse, domestic partner, or children may file a wrongful death lawsuit. If the deceased person did not have any of these relations and there are no designated beneficiaries, their parents may file a claim.

What Qualifies for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

It gets filed against the person or entity that caused a loved one’s death. The following are some examples of wrongful death claims:

  • If a doctor misdiagnosed a patient and dies from their condition.
  • If someone dies due to medical malpractice.
  • If someone gets killed in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence.
  • Construction site accidents
  • Sexual assault
  • Nursing home neglect or abuse
  • Drunk driving accidents or collisions with drunk drivers
  • Accidents in workplaces that result in death

How are Wrongful Death Settlements Paid Out?

Wrongful death settlements are paid out over time in installments instead of all at once. However, it is well understood that monetary compensation alone will never replace a life or undo the trauma caused by losing someone you love. Instead, wrongful death settlements help families get back on their feet financially and emotionally after losing a loved one unexpectedly and avoid bankruptcy or other financial problems that can arise after such an event happens.
Many factors go into determining what amount of money gets awarded in a wrongful death suit:

  • The age of the deceased person.
  • Whether or not there was life insurance on them.
  • The type of injuries sustained before passing away.

Why Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney Is Essential

There are many reasons for hiring a wrongful death attorney. If a loved one has died and it’s possible they have been wrongfully killed, speak to an experienced law firm. The sooner an attorney begins reviewing the case, the better chance the case has of being successful. Here are some reasons why people hire wrongful death lawyers:

They Are Experts

They know the legal system, how to adduce evidence, and present a case in court. They also understand how to negotiate with insurance companies and other parties that may be responsible for an accident or tragedy that caused someone’s death. Lastly, wrongful death attorneys build strong cases against their opponents because they have the necessary skill set.

Helps to Assess the Situation Accurately

Determine whether there is a case. This is where hiring an attorney can be extremely useful because they can look at all aspects of the situation and tell you whether or not there’s even any possibility that the person who caused harm could be held responsible for their actions.
A wrongful death attorney can help you understand how the legal system works and what the next steps are. They’ll walk you through all of these steps so that nothing is left unexplained or unclear. This makes it much easier when it comes time for negotiations with opposing counsel regarding compensation amounts, settlement offers, or other important factors related directly to defending your case against those who caused harm (or contributed significantly).

Focus on Mourning

With an attorney, you can focus on mourning the loss of your loved one rather than having to deal with other parties, insurance companies, or legal claims. You also avoid the emotional and financial stress of dealing with these issues while grieving. If you choose to handle the case yourself, you could spend countless hours dealing with paperwork and legal issues for lawyers specializing in wrongful death cases. With no experience in this type of law and no knowledge of a successful case, you would likely make costly mistakes.
Hiring an experienced wrongful death lawyer ensures that the claim gets processed correctly from the beginning to end. Still, it also prevents unnecessary delays that could cost you your claim. It gives back some control over something so difficult at such a traumatic time in life. Working with an experienced wrongful death lawyer means that there won’t be any surprises down the road regarding deadlines and payment amounts, and should there be any complications later on during litigation.

Guide Through the Process

A lawyer helps you stay focused on what is essential and get justice for your family. They explain their strategy for success, which gives you peace of mind during difficult times. The lawyer will ensure that no stone goes unturned when gathering evidence and seeking damages from responsible parties or entities. It can include compensation for medical bills, funeral costs, loss of income due to death (both past and future), loss of companionship/love, pain and suffering, etc.
It is best to speak with a wrongful death lawyer immediately when faced with this situation. The deceased’s family can gather valuable information and evidence during this crucial time – and the sooner they speak with a wrongful death lawyer, the better. But above all, they need to be sure that they have selected a reputable attorney who will fight zealously for them and win the proper case amount. Looking for a qualified attorney to help with your wrongful death claim? Visit

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