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I Was Riding My Bike and Got Hit By a Car; Now What?

By Hale Law |

Accidents involving bicyclists almost always involve serious bodily injuries. If you were riding your bike, and collided with an automobile, here is what you should know: First and foremost, if you think you are even slightly injured, call 911. Sometimes we cannot feel everything right away, and the slightest pain can actually be more… Read More »

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cocktail party

Injured While Visiting a Friend at Their Home? Here’s What You Should Know:

By Hale Law |

Whenever you are invited to someone else’s home for a visit, you probably expect them to keep their property safe and to warn you of any known dangers. But in some circumstances, homeowners fail to exercise reasonable care and fulfill those expectations, and the consequences can involve serious bodily injury or even death. If… Read More »

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Car Accident

Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident

By Hale Law |

Why My Doctor Won’t See Me After a Car Accident! I was just injured in a car accident and now my primary care physician won’t see me after my car accident. Why won’t they see me and what do I do? At first you may be confused, nervous, scared or even worried about why… Read More »

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