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Big Injuries from Low-Impact Car Crashes In Sarasota

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Some believe a low-impact car accident will not cause injuries. Unfortunately, injuries do happen in fender benders. Sometimes these injuries interfere with daily life. Low-impact crashes can cause neck, back, and head injuries that result in debilitating pain and suffering that makes returning to work impossible. These pains are not always felt in the immediate aftermath of a crash; they can take weeks to surface in some cases.

If you sustained an injury in a low-impact accident in Florida, talk to a Sarasota car accident lawyer. There is a lot of force from a vehicular impact. After all, cars weigh a lot, and the heavier a car or truck is, the more force it will have when it hits a building, tree, or another vehicle.

Some insurance companies define a car accident that results in less than five thousand dollars of vehicular damage as a low-impact crash. Others choose to use a speed guideline, pointing to car crashes that happen at 15 mph or under. Either way, even if the vehicle itself does not need repair, individuals within the vehicle could need medical attention to heal after impact.

Low-Impact Crashes with Bikes and Pedestrians

Crashes involving motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians can lead to serious injuries and fatalities, even at low speeds. This is because walkers and cyclists are exposed; they are not protected by the frame of an automobile and impact can be devastating.

When people think of car accidents, they often think of dramatic wrecks on highways. However, there are times when collisions happen in low speed environments, especially when people are going about their daily lives.

Some of the ways low-impact crashes happen:

  • While exiting a garage without checking blind spots, a car hits another vehicle or individual.
  • Ignoring yield signs and other traffic signals.
  • When traffic is stopping and starting, a distracted driver drives into the car in front of them.
  • Weather conditions lead to a collision with parked vehicles or buildings.

Insurance companies often try to downplay injuries sustained in low-impact events. It is important you see a doctor and share all of your medical documentation with your attorney. Proof of injuries can help to secure a claim.

Recovering from spinal cord injuries, spine disc damage, back strains, and whiplash can be a painful, slow process. When you are suffering from pain, stiffness, arm tingling, and memory issues, it may even be impossible to work. Do not let an insurance adjuster deny your claim simply because you were injured in a low-impact crash. You deserve a compensation amount that is fair. A seasoned lawyer knows how to work with insurance companies, securing the future you deserve.

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