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Accidents Can Result In Burn Injuries

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Burn injuries are categorized by the severity of the burn. Workplace accidents and car crashes can result in painful burns that damage the skin. Extended hospital visits and rehabilitation may be necessary. There are even situations when the injury is exacerbated by a secondary medical condition, such as an infection taking place in the burn area.

After an accident that results in burns, you may need a knowledgeable attorney working for you. Burn injuries can lead to disfigurement, plastic surgery, and amputation. On top of the pain and suffering that is possible when coping with burns, victims should not have to worry about the extensive medical bills needed during a recovery period. Talk to a Sarasota burn injury attorney to learn more about your options. Holding the negligent party accountable can be essential for your own financial security and to be sure any hazards are dealt with so future injuries can be avoided.

What Different Burn Degrees Mean

Many accidents create a circumstance that can burn the skin and damage protective skin cells. In workplace accidents, burns may happen in any environment with scorching surfaces, chemicals, and electricity. While car crashes involving fire are relatively rare, they do happen, and car crashes can cause burns from hot metals and scalding liquids.

When assessing a burn, doctors and nurses will categorize the burn so everyone on the healthcare team is aware of the severity of the burn and what the treatment plan is moving forward.

  • First-degree burn. A minor burn that impacts the outermost layer is a first-degree burn in most cases. While these burns are painful, the recovery period is shorter than that of higher degree burn injuries.
  • Second-degree burn. When there is damage to two layers of skin, there can be swelling and blistering. Scarring is possible and there is also the risk of infection, so medical treatment is typically needed.
  • Third-degree burn. Doctor care is needed for third-degree burns as the cells beyod the first two layers are impacted. These burns can require skin grafts and hospital stays; they can also even be life-threatening injuries.

When Compensation Is a Possibility

The first thing to do after an injury is to seek medical treatment. Burns are risky injuries as the potential for infection can be high. After a treatment plan is in place, discuss your situation with a Sarasota burn injury attorney. If another is negligent, compensation may be possible, whether the event that caused the injury was a work-related accident or the result of a traffic collision.

If the accident was a car crash, insurance companies may be involved. When the burn injuries are a result of chemicals at a worksite, the issue can be complex. Regardless, a lawyer can help you navigate liability. After a Florida burn, help is available.

If You Are a Burn Victim, Unleash Hale

Are you recovering from burn injuries because of an accident? It’s time for you to have an attorney on your side. Contact the Sarasota burn injury attorneys at Hale Law. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 941-735-4529 or contact us online. We don’t recover unless you do.

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