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Was the Florida Commercial Truck Driver Negligent?

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In order for cars to arrive at their destinations safely, everyone driving needs to be alert and paying attention to traffic signs and laws. Responsible drivers are essential to safe roads. This is true of passenger car drivers and commercial truck drivers. The difference is commercial truck drivers are responsible for machines weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Devastating damage can happen when large amounts of weight are involved in traffic accidents.

Some of the responsibility for safe roads falls to trucking companies as well. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require a trucking company to maintain driving records to reduce the likelihood of reckless commercial truck drivers on Florida roads and highways. Yet, accidents still happen. If you are recovering from a commercial truck accident, connect with a Sarasota truck accident attorney. Knowledgeable lawyers know how to determine negligence.

Safe Fleets and Truck Cargo

There are a lot of different reasons for accidents; this is true for motorcycle crashes and accidents that involve commercial trucks. Maybe there was a vehicle maintenance issue or it could be the driver was impaired.

When it comes to commercial trucks, the company that maintains the fleet of trucks does have a responsibility to address any part recalls immediately and hire drivers with safe driving histories. Safety inspections are also key.

  • Cargo needs to be secured properly as not to shift and increase likelihood of a rollover.
  • Loose cargo can fall on the roadways and create risks.
  • Brake function should be checked and maintained.
  • Any broken mirrors need to be replaced or repaired effectively.
  • Tire pressure needs to be correct and tire threads cannot be too worn.

A variety of items are trucked around the country every day. Some trucks carry food and furniture, while others transport heavy materials, including cement blocks and steel beams. How catastrophic an accident is can depend on a variety of factors, including why the accident happened, how many were injured, and if cargo was involved.

Talk to a Sarasota Truck Lawyer

When you talk to an experienced lawyer, they can determine who was the negligent party, or if more than one party was at fault. There are times when a trucking company cuts corners, hiring inexperienced drivers or drivers with poor driving histories. Whatever the reason for your accident, if another was negligent, you could receive compensation for lost income, medical fees, pain and suffering, and more.

Commercial truck accident victims have rights. There are paths to fair compensation packages, even in complex cases involving commercial truck driver negligence and fault on the part of the commercial trucking company. A Sarasota truck accident attorney can help.

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Were you in an accident with a commercial truck? Do you believe the trucking company was negligent? Talk to the experienced attorneys at Hale Law. Our experienced Sarasota truck accident attorneys will work to secure the maximum compensation amount. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so there are no fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation. For a free consultation, call 941-735-4529.


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