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Transcription – Patrick Iyampillai Overview

Why did I choose law? When I was in kindergarten, I saw someone get messed around with on the playground and I didn’t like that. I went right up to them and I told them to back off. And ever since then, I knew I liked being an advocate. It was natural for me. I like to call out what I see is wrong. And so as a plaintiff personal injury attorney, when someone’s getting messed around with by the insurance companies, I don’t like it and I like to represent them for that reason. Here’s how Hale Law started. My best friend from law school, Patrick Hale, started this law firm and focused on people instead of just a case number instead of just, you know, trying to get as much business as possible and concentrated on those people who needed help the most. When you’re injured, you need someone looking out for you. I’m not talking about some big fancy law firm that treats you like a case number and never actually takes your calls. You need someone who is knowing you as a human being hurt. You need attention. You need someone to talk to. You need someone fighting for you. And that’s why we’re here. We’re here to put people first, not profits.

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