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Tampa Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are extremely painful and can also leave victims with disfigurement and scarring that creates additional psychological stress. While burns are frequently associated with house fires, according to the American Burn Association, an estimated five percent of all burn hospitalizations occur from motor vehicle crashes in traffic. If you or a loved one has suffered burns from a collision on the road caused by a negligent party, let the Tampa burn injury attorney at Hale Law assist you in seeking compensation.

How Traffic Collisions Lead to Burns 

Most cars on the road rely on gasoline to travel and gasoline is so flammable that it can ignite when the source is 12 feet away.  Some trucks that travel on the roads are also carrying other extremely flammable and toxic chemicals that could result in burns if the vehicle is involved in a collision. Finally, motorcyclists who are pinned underneath their motorcycle during a crash risk suffering engine burns.

Degrees of Severity for Burns

According to, one of the first things a medical professional will do when assessing a burn is to determine how much surface area the burn takes up by using a method called the “rule of nines” The severity of a burn is determined by how much surface area it covers and what degree burn it is. 

  • First Degree Burns – Also known as superficial burns, first degree burns only impact the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. Symptoms are similar to that of a sunburn where the area becomes red, warm, and there may be some swelling in the area.
  • Second Degree Burns – Second degree burns are also known as partial thickness burns. These burns affect the epidermis and dermis. As a result there can be blistering, the area may appear wet, and the skin may turn a whitish color. If second degree burns cover a large surface area of the body they can still be considered severe.
  • Third Degree Burns – Third degree burns are the most severe. At this point it is not just the skin that is damaged but the tendons, muscle, and even bone that are underneath. The skin will appear charred but it will not be as painful as less severe burns because the nerve endings in the area will be too greatly damaged. 

In addition to the burns themselves, traffic collisions come with the added complication that there are often other injuries that occur simultaneously and also require medical treatment. 

Contact a Tampa Burn Injury Attorney At Hale Law Today

If you have been burned in a motor vehicle crash where another party should be held liable, the Tampa burn injury attorneys at Hale Law can help. While you focus on receiving the medical treatments required for recovering and seek out therapy for any emotional distress you are experiencing, we will handle your personal injury claim. We put forth our best to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve so that you can continue living with a good quality of life. Contact our offices at 941-735-4529 to schedule your free consultation.

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