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Taking a Sarasota Ambulance After a Crash

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Car accidents can result in physical injuries. At best, if there is an injury, hopefully it is not severe. It is important to remember in the aftermath of an accident it may be difficult to determine the severity of a physical injury. In those instances, a victim might be unsure if they should take an ambulance to the hospital or not. Often, taking an ambulance after a Florida car crash is the right choice, both to treat your physical injury and to protect yourself if a personal injury lawsuit does follow.

Doctor assessments are important. Victims might not understand the extent of their injuries alone. Assessing the injury right away paves the way to healing and also creates a record of the injury happening in conjunction with a car accident. Afterwards, contact a knowledgeable Sarasota car accident lawyer can help you recover financially while you recover physically.

Driving Yourself When Hurt Is Dangerous

An injured person driving themselves is a hazard on the road, to themselves, other cars, and vehicle passengers. A fresh injury can worsen in the aftermath of an accident, causing a driver to lose their ability to drive safely, sometimes abruptly. When a victim allows EMTs to not only take care of them but also drive them, they will receive the treatment they need safely.

Plus, if a personal injury claim or lawsuit does happen, it can be an issue if a victim points to severe injuries from the car crash and they refused an ambulance to the hospital and drove themselves. Insurance companies and defense lawyers may suggest the decision to not take an ambulance was because the injuries were minor, even when they are clearly not.

Some of the physical issues that can occur as a result of a car accident are:

  • Bleeding
  • Back pain
  • Chest pain
  • Confusion
  • Lightheadedness
  • Neck pain
  • Possible bone breaks
  • Possible sprains
  • Whiplash

There are many physical injuries that can result when there is an impact between two or more vehicles, no matter how bad the accident is. Talk to a medical professional after an accident to be sure you are not physically hurt.

Not Thinking Clearly After an Accident

People can act in unforeseeable ways when they are under stress, and car crashes are stressful situations. What appears to be a logical choice when you are calm may not be the choice you make under pressure. After an accident, try to remain calm so you can make the right choices. Do not worry about appointments that you had scheduled that day; prioritize seeing a medical professional to assess your health to be sure the crash did not cause any problems you are not aware of.

There are even situations when injuries exacerbate because of an accident. Maybe your back bothered you occasionally prior to a crash, but now it hurts every time you bend. Don’t write it off as a nuisance or something that will just go away on its own. Seek treatment and legal advice.

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