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Pet Injuries and Compensation

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We love our pets and bring them everywhere. Sometimes while we are travelling with our pets’ in our cars or trucks, accidents unfortunately can happen. When you are involved in a motor vehicle crash with your pet, they may sustain injuries due to the other driver’s fault. You may immediately have several concerns and one might be about your beloved pet and what you can do to help them.

While pets are undeniable members of our families, according to Florida law, pets are classified as tangible personal property. Tangible personal property means all goods, chattels, and other articles of value capable of manual possession and whose chief value is intrinsic to the article itself. What this means for you after an accident where your pet was injured is that the at-fault driver can be held responsible to pay for any veterinary costs. The at-fault driver’s property damage or collision coverage is what can cover the medical bills for your pet. Insurance companies can and should cover all medical treatment that is reasonably believed to be due to the motor vehicle crash. As you should do with yourself, always be sure to get your pet checked out by a physician after a car crash because they may have sustained more severe injuries then you can personally assess. Unlike with our human family members, we cannot always communicate with our pets clearly and know what is exactly wrong and hurting them.

Many insurance companies are very limited with knowledge of how they cover pet injuries, and they may give you a hard time about covering care with a veterinarian. Be sure to contact an attorney who knows all about this type of situation. If you are injured or if your pet was injured during a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and your pet’s veterinarian bills. For a free attorney consultation, call Hale Law to better know about your rights. Here at Hale Law, we will handle all insurance company communications and settlement negotiations, so your only focus is on you and your pet’s health. If an insurance company calls you after the accident, be sure to tell them “You’re going to Hale.” Then “Go To Hale” by giving us a call at 941-735-4529 or visiting us on the web at


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