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Make Your Home Personal Injury Proof During the Holidays

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The holidays are often a time for personal injury accidents to occur. When people think of personal injury accidents during the holidays, they typically only consider the car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents that occur due to the many people traveling on the roads. On the contrary, often times personal injury accidents occur right at our home. Because Hale Law cares about the Sarasota community and wants everyone to have a happy and safe holiday season, below are some tips to personal injury proof your home.

Ways to Personal Injury Proof Your Home

Accidents can happen to adults and children during the holidays. For this reason, you need to take many different measures to make your home safer.

  • Watch the Kitchen.

Make sure that food is not left cooking unattended. Keep children away from stove and burners. Understandably, the holiday is a time to celebrate, but we do not recommend cooking while being intoxicated by alcohol.

Be careful while preparing the meats to prevent food borne illnesses. Finally, always wash your hands and clean up any spills on the floor immediately.

  • Think About Children

Children are curious. This means they are learning. Please cover all electrical outlets and make sure that bookcases and televisions are secure. Many children, specifically toddlers, have been hurt because a television or bookcase fell on them while they were trying to get up.

Use fencing to keep children in one secure location. Put locks on cabinet doors and rooms to prevent children from leaving your sight.

  • Keep Floors Clear of Debris

Keep the floors clear. Make sure you reserve a place for everyone to put their shoes if you have them take them off. You don’t want people tripping over shoes or any other items. If something spills on the floor, again, clean it up immediately.

  • Beware of Fires

Fireplaces are gorgeous. They keep you warm and they are pleasing to the eye and bring a sense of comfort to the home. Candles smell good and lights are festive. Be mindful of these items though and make sure they don’t catch fire.

For instance, keep candles away from flammable material. Keep an eye on your fireplace. For heaters, make sure they are not near furniture or drapes. If you cook on a grill or fry your turkey outside, be sure to do so away from your home.

  • Add Pool Gates

According to the Florida Department of Health, Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children ages 1-4 years. Annually in Florida, enough children to fill three to four preschool classrooms drown before their fifth birthday. It is strongly advised, and required by law, to have gates surrounding your pool. Other pool safety features available to ensure pool safety are pool alarms, pool covers, and window/door alarms/locks.

In the event of personal injury in the home or in a car accident, be sure to seek medical treatment immediately. Then, speak to a personal injury attorney to guide you through the process of obtaining further medical treatment and help you recover your medical expenses and other damages.

When You’re Involved in a Personal Injury Accident in Sarasota, Tell the Insurance Company You’re Going to Hale.

If you or someone you know received injuries during the holidays due to a personal injury accident, contact the Sarasota personal injury lawyers at Hale Law at 941-735-4529 to discuss your case and allow us to work with the insurance company on your behalf. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there’s no fee or costs if we can’t recover the compensation you deserve.

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